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    Mobil 1 0W-40 or BMW 0W-30

    BMW High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 is only available at BMW dealers. The official list price is $3.80 / quart, but you will probably get ripped off and pay more. It's a great deal if you can find it at that price. I switched to M1 0W-40 simply because I was tired of going to the dealer...
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    What company makes BMW oil in the U.S.?

    Made by Castrol, and its probably imported from Europe. BMW HP Synthetic is known as "Softec TXT Plus" over there.
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    Factory fill in Cadillac CTS?

    No, it's got a 3.6L V6 with variable valve timing, 24 valves, etc. Aren't the northstars V8's? This car actually belongs to my parents, they were told by the salesman to only change the oil when the indicator says so. I estimated this is about every 12,000 miles. I don't think that GM...
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    Factory fill in Cadillac CTS?

    Anybody have a clue about factory fill oil in Cadillac CTS? The CTS has the FSI system, the dealer said that it goes about 12,000 miles before needing a service. Seems a bit suspicious.
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    2nd analysis: 2000 BMW 528i, 15,000 miles on BMW/Castrol 5W-30 High Performance Synth

    Speaking as an ex-BMW employee, the 15K interval is primarily a marketing gimmick tailored to people who lease their vehicles. Since a lease is more lucrative than a sale, and since most lessees don't want to put much effort into maintenance, BMW sweetens the incentive to lease by stating...
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    '03 BMW 330xi, 4,887 miles on factory fill BMW (Castrol) HP Syn 5W-30

    Something I've noticed: The 3.0L inline-6 is much harder on oil than the 2.5L. I go 8,000 mile intervals on my 325i using BMW Synthetic 5W-30 and a Mann long-life filter, and all the analyses I've seen are excellent. And just a reminder, the factory fill on all non-M BMW's is Castrol TXT...
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    What's the deal with "long life oil"?

    You might considering using BMW High Performance Synthetic, it meets A3/B3 and BMW Longlife-01, which is roughly equiv. to the VW spec.
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    M1 0w40 update!

    Hey, this is slightly off-topic but I thought I'd mention it. I traded in my '99 Prelude because the engine was guzzling oil at an incredible rate. I had 55,000 miles on it, and I was going through 1 qt. every 500 miles or so (average city driving using Mobil 1.) What's interesting is the...
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    BMW 3 Series

    On all BMWs made on or after MY2001, you can reset the service indicator yourself by performing a simple key/ignition switching sequence. You don't need a special tool, although if you have the tool you can still use it to reset the service indicator. The procedure is, 1 Ignition OFF (POS 0)...
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    Has anyone found oil consumption info regarding Honda Motors?

    My 99 Prelude (H22A4) guzzles oil. It has since day one. Probably use 1 qt / 1000 miles. Many fellow H22A4 motor owners have the same problem.
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    Prelude Oil Consumption

    Thanks for the inputs. I usually shift gears between 4-5K rpms, engage the VTEC rarely (except when merging on the freeway, passing, etc.) For what it's worth, a coworker of mine has an S2000 and he doesn't burn a drop; and he spins it up to 8,000 rpm a few times a week. <img border="0"...
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    Prelude Oil Consumption

    Well, the recommended capacity is 5.1 qts, I always dump in 5 when I do the changes.
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    Prelude Oil Consumption

    Hey all, I have a 99 Prelude (2.2L VTEC) with an interesting oil consumption problem. First off, I use 5W-30 Havoline conventional oil with OEM Honda filters. The odo is at 45K miles. After I change my oil, I have incredible oil consumption for about the first 500 miles (about 1 quart.)...