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    how much oil does your disposal place allow at one time?

    MAX you cant transport legally in new york is 5 gallons, more reqires a hazmart permit
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    autolite spark plugs

    set of autolites in it are over 20 years old
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    What do you remember of your grand parents?

    dads father died 3 months before i was boen. his mom died when i was 15 . mom;s mother died when she was 13, her dad died when i was 4
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    Oldest battery (ICE vehicles)?

    was a napa legand
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    Oldest battery (ICE vehicles)?

    battery in my 66 mustang was 11 years old when it died in october,
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    autolite spark plugs

    they are going in a 260 small block
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    autolite spark plugs

    not a lot of choices for a 1962 ford
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    autolite spark plugs

    why wouldnt i?
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    autolite spark plugs

    all they all now made in china?
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    Matco in 2022

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    Matco in 2022

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    AC Delco spark plug question

    running rich?
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    Tranny fluid

    atf 4
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    Car Squeals when moving

    brake locked up
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    Retirement 2.0

    i want to retire but when the current ecomony i will be able to do nothing but stay home
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    2001 Buick 20-year old spare tire... Hard to find!
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    Got my first EZPass

    was spend extra hours driving to avoid tolls