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    GTL Base Oil Synthesis

    So, tell us MolaKule, since your posts are always the most informative and always catch my eye (even though 99% of what you say is well above me) when you head out to the driveway with your drain plug wrench, filter wrench and oil pan, what oil(s) you pouring in your cars?
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    2009 Honda CRV Recall - Rear Frame Corrosion?

    My notice just came on Friday. I've looked underneath and don't see anything to be concerned with but I'll get it inspected just to be safe. Pretty sure with all the potholes in Jersey, corrosive materials can't cling long enough to cause any damage!
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    Did I really do that? OOPs we have done with our vehicles over time ......

    Many years ago I had a 1980 Mercury Cougar which I inherited from my folks. Car was garbage and sullied the good Cougar name BTW. The first oil change I did on it, I used an oil change box to catch the oil. It was a cardboard box about the size of a normal catch pan. It was lined with a heavy...
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    Difference between light bulbs; incandescent vs LED.

    My sister has a two-bulb table lamp. Each socket has a pull chain ON/OFF switch so one or both bulbs can be lit. The outlet is on a 30 year old whole house timer system and is dimmable also through the timer system. Everything works fine with incandescent bulbs. When she put in dimmable LED...
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    Going out to eat, price or food quality wins?

    I guess it must be price for me. It bothers me to eat a steak that cost $50.00 or more when I can be perfectly satisfied with a couple of slices of pizza with sausage for $5.00. Fortunately COVID is still on my family's mind so we eat take out but hardly dine out at all.
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    With all the engine issues why do people continue to buy Hyundai’s and Kia’s

    With all the engine issues why do people continue to buy Hyundai’s and Kia’s For the same reasons guys keep marrying Jennifer Lopez. They know she's high maintenance but they still do it. Of course, J Lo is better looking than a Kia or Hyundai so there's that...
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    Interesting claim by Amsoil

    I am also a race fan. I appreciate the support that the majors (Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Castrol, Valvoline, etc.) bring to racing with their sponsorship dollars. If that support costs me a couple extra dollars when I buy a jug of Pennzoil as opposed to Supertech, then that's my contribution to auto...
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    Interesting claim by Amsoil

    Maybe for the same reason I buy Heinz Ketchup as opposed to a lower priced store brand. They're both made with tomatoes, salt and spices. Maybe I'm a victim of advertising but I generally have more confidence in the performance and quality of a name brand. I've tried other paper towels but I...
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    An aviation crash that may be of interest

    They couldn't find any. All the orange plastic is being used for traffic cones to mark construction zones in New Jersey.
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    Best vehicle for a person who needs to impress customers?

    I'm in the wholesale tobacco business and we buy Skoal Snuff products. Many years ago when Harry Gant was driving the Skoal-sponsored car in NASCAR, the US Tobacco company (the maker of Skoal) had all their salesmen's cars painted just like Harry's racecar. Numbers, decals, the works! Our...
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    Underpasses and convertibles

    The [email protected] is about to hit the span!
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    should I switch to 5w30 from 5w20? 2006 mazda 3 2.3L non turbo

    The Honda in my signature has 287,000 miles and has run 5W-20 for the majority of those miles. Last couple of changes have been with 0W-20 just to standardize the oil for all the cars in my house. It feels smooth as silk since the change to the 0W-20. It has never seen a xxW-30 anything...
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    $60k Harley Davidson?!!

    In my case, for a child-like reason. I am of the age that when I was a kid, it was super-cool to attach playing cards to your Stringray bicycle with clothespins so you got that thwap, thwap, thwap noise from the spokes. Well, I never outgrew that and when I finally got my first Harley after...
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    Do you "flash" to warn of police patrol ahead? Speeding content and rant.

    Well, at least the right guy ended up on his roof.
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    Cape May, NJ

    It's not even recognizable as a ship anymore. Looks like someone just dumped some construction debris in the surf.
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    Footage Shows Driverless Cars Clogging San Francisco

    Is it possible to carjack a driverless car?
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    What is a long trip really like in an EV?

    If you get stranded on the side of the road, can AAA deliver a gallon of electricity?
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    Driving off with the nozzle

    Perhaps a Tesla might solve your problem:)
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    Driving off with the nozzle

    The key for me is trying to buy gas at the same stations where I know the service will be quick and hopefully, somewhat courteous. If you vary from the norm, it can be like that Forrest Gump box of chocolates.