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    Kerosene in Engine Oil

    My daughter's 2003 Toyota Echo had oil consumption issues, by memory something like a least 1/2 a litre per 1000km (1/2 quart per 600 miles). Piston soaked overnight with kerosene, the next day I idled that engine for 3 hours with the crankcase filled with two quarts of PYB 5W-30 and two quarts...
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    Trailer lights not working

    Are you getting power on the vehicle's trailer connector? If not, some vehicles like my 2014 F150 have a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse for the trailer connector/lights.
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    CJ-4 / SM Semi Synthetic at Canadian Tire

    I use up a 18.9 liter pail of that Motomaster Semi-Syn 10W-30 Diesel Oil per year, (regularly on special at 63$ CAD or so) Didn't know it was a Citgo product, online searches I had done showed the exact same MSDS specs as Rotella T5 but CT may have switched suppliers since. Anyhow I've been...
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    Sea Doo/Rotax 900 ACE oil capacity only 2 qts!!!

    In snowmobile applications, BRP specs an 0W-40 for the 600 & 900 ACE. Operated and left out in well below freezing ambiant temps, these engines have no backup pull cord to start if the battery/starter can't turn over the engine. Myself have a 600 ACE in a Skidoo Tundra snowmobile, oil...
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    Maxima MTL transmission oil-1973 Yamamaha RD350

    Motul makes a 10W-30 gearbox / wet clutch safe lubricant, <span style="font-weight: bold">Transoil 2T</span> looks to be a mineral and is mostly marketed for dirt bikes. They also offer a synthetic, Transoil Expert 10W-40. Myself have tried every imaginable lubricant in my YZ125 motocross...
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    Who Sells 90EP Gear Oil

    By memory, SAE 90EP is sometimes used in marine outboard lower units, myself have always used 75W-140 in my snowblower gearcase.
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    "Total" engine oil???

    They have been more and more visible in Canada in the last few years, I often see their products in gas station convenience stores. Total has a blending/bottling/distribution center in Montreal Quebec.
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    Post your last blend

    I keep mine simple and always within the same brand: in a 6 quart sump: 3x Pennzoil Platinum, 3x Pennzoil Yellow Bottle, all 5W-30.
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    Oil catch can opinions

    2014 Ford F150XL here with the <span style="font-weight: bold">3.7 naturally aspirated</span> V6 base engine, truck I purchased brand new on which I installed a catch can within the first month of ownership. (generic catch can in which I added mesh and a longer tube to better separate vapors)...
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    Which domestic V6 is best

    Apples to oranges comparision of course but, I owned a 2011 Dodge Charger with a 3.6 and now a 2014 Ford F150 with a 3.7 To me, in general the 3.7 feels torquier and gets the same or better fuel mileage in a heavier vehicle. One feature I prefered on the 3.6 was the easier access top mounted...
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    Canadian Tire Motomaster Diesel Oil

    Despite not knowing it's origins I too hope that it's simply re-bottled Rotella, nevertheless it has become my go-to oil over the past year. Initialy wanting to simplify oil inventory in the workshop, I picked it for use in the: lawnmower, snowblower, generator, lawn tractor. Unlike many HDEO...
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    Oil question for new/used dodge 4.7L

    I drove a 1500 / 4.7 for many years, operated in a relatively cold climate where the oil snot build up was an issue from late fall to early spring. Removing the plastic oil filler tube assy from the engine and wrapping it with several layers of insulating tape pretty much solved the problem...
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    How does this spark plug look?

    On high performance 2-stroke dirtbikes, low to mid throttle openings are mostly tuned by 'feel', but the method linked below is commonly used for wide open throttle jetting: link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Magnaflow mufflers - Straight through vs chambered

    A while back when I drove a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 liter V8 I had a front to back custom mandrel bent true dual exhaust with an 'X' crossover and experimented with a few mufflers in the following years. -Gibson Quiet but were very restrictive at higher rpms versus the others listed below...
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    Winter break and projects?

    Two dirtbikes here, a 2010 Yamaha YZ125 (2-stroke) for closed course motocross and a 2008 Honda CRF250X (4-stroke) for trail / off-roading. (a somewhat milder 'enduro' version of an MX race bike) Engine wise: as soon as the season ended the YZ got a new piston & ring, a high winding 125...
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    Left foot operated pedal for windshield washer

    My 1976 GMC Jimmy (K5 Blazer) still had a floor high beam switch. The only vehicle I've seen a foot operated windshield washer pump was in a Ford L8000 type tractor trailer rig, think it was an 1982.
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    Worst you've seen oil changes/car maintenance

    In the late '80s I worked for a big name car rental company as a car jockey. Brand new cars were off loaded transport trucks, apart from topping off the fuel tank, screwing on the license plate and adding company ID stickers they were put into service as-is off the factory production line...
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    Worst you've seen oil changes/car maintenance

    Mom purchased a brand new AMC Hornet in 1977 (258 CID inline 6) in 120 000+ miles she probably had the oil changed 3-4 times at most. I remember as a mechanicaly curious teen checking the oil it was always very watery/thin. Despite that it never needed much top off oil to be added. She daily...
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    Recommended dirtbike 2 stroke oil

    Perhaps this is the document you are searching: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> If not, still very interesting nevertheless.
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    Recommended dirtbike 2 stroke oil

    Amsoil Interceptor in my 2010 YZ125 since new, don't know about other brands but I've noticed that any excess oil buildup in the powervalves or exhaust is easily wiped off, never any baked on or hard deposits needing scrubing to remove.