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    Lower abdominal pain below belly button

    Left lower quadrant pain is more consistent with diverticulitis or some other type of colitis. You can still have diverticulitis despite relatively normal labs. And I wouldn't rule out hernia yet, especially if the pain gets worse with lifting or coughing. The CT will give you a better idea.
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    One Oil, Two Vehicles

    I'm assuming the CRV is still under warranty, so I would make sure whatever oil you pick is included as an option in the CRV owner's manual. The F150 won't care either way. Once you are out of warranty, I agree with the 5W-30 choice.
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    Becoming a Thin Oil Guy

    Your cold temp cranking times are much more likely to be related to your battery health than with the oil viscosity.
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    Which oil for Turbo DI

    Stick with the manual-recommended viscosity while the engine is under warranty. Once it's out of warranty, I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade to 5W-30.
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    You're About To Drive Cross Country...

    If you've got one handy, charge up your battery-powered impact gun and throw it in the trunk. Won't take up too much space, and if you end up needing to change a tire it'll be worth its weight in gold.
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    Stupid MIR's!!! Why???

    I submitted my Pennzoil rebate for two 5-quart jugs right after I purchased them on 3/15 and my $20 check was waiting for me in the mailbox on 4/2. It might have come before that even but I was out of town for the previous week.
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    Conv or synthetic in my situation

    Amsoil would be a huge waste of money for a 5,000 mile OCI. Any synthetic that you can find at Walmart would be suitable for that application and would provide far more value for your money. I'm assuming your vehicle is still under warranty so I would use the grade and OCI recommended by your...
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    What new make/model is easiest to work on?

    Probably will be difficult to find a lot of first hand knowledge about how easy brand-new cars are to work on because well, they're brand new. Not a lot of people will have driven them far enough to have had to perform bigger repairs/maintenance items such as timing belt, water pump, spark...
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    2012 Porsche Cayenne 3.6 V6 Oil Choices

    If you get lucky you might still be able to find a jug + a few quarts of the A40-approved Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40 on clearance at Walmart for $13 for the 5-qt jug, $3.50 for the individual quarts. And if you subtract the $2/qt Pennzoil rebate (up to 10 quarts) you would have a sub-$20 oil...
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    Pennzoil Pure Plus EU 0W-40 question

    I picked up a couple of jugs of this at WalMart the other day for $13 each, after $2 rebate per quart it came out to $6 for 10 quarts. You would get an even better deal! I've used 5W-30, 10W-30, 0W-40, and 10W-40 in my engine with no problems.
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    What kind of vehicle ramps do you use?

    I have the 12K Rhino Ramps as well. Portable enough to use and store in my 1-car garage unit at my apartment complex.
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    Topping up Peak Global

    Peak Global should be cheap and easy enough to obtain for you to use the same. Is there a particular reason you would want to add another coolant? Theoretically you should be able to add another all-makes all-models coolant, but I'd prefer to stick with the same.
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    Rear brake pads for my 300ZX

    If the OEMs are Akebono, I'd say stick with them.
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    2010 Accord New Battery

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: gathermewool</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I know East Penn batteries review well (both on here and places like Consumer Reports), but I don't like the idea of not being able to inspect the electrolyte...
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    Opinions: Do I have any recourse?(Tow)

    I'd go after them if I could. Sounds like the university is at fault, at least as long as they're the ones in charge of parking and not a third-party company. You might run into problems since it's now after the fact. Since they may ask you to "prove" that the line was in fact damaged by the tow...
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    2011 Subaru WRX - Looking for advice on which oil?

    Both Amsoil and Motul are "boutique" oils and are going to be overkill for your driving habits. More marketing than anything else. If you're looking to improve consumption, any 40-weight from Pennzoil, Mobil, or Castrol will provide more than enough protection at a fraction of the cost with far...
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    Car recommends 0w20, dealership filled with 5w30.

    If the car is still under warranty, I would have it changed back to the manual-specified grade especially since you said this was done at a non-Lexus dealership. If the manual says 5W-30 is acceptable then you'll be fine. If not, and if you don't have any other documentation/bulletin from Lexus...
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    Which Michelin tire for 2006 Caddy DTS?

    I would go with the Michelin Premier A/S or the Pirelli P7 Cinturato. Just put a set of the Pirelli's on my car and they have been great so far.
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    What's with tires angled out at the botton

    Theoretically, negative camber provides more cornering stability, but that's really only applicable on the track. Having that on a street car will cause premature wear.