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    Post your latest oil change

    02Z06.Using 6.5 qts Amsoil 0w-30 AZO oil and Amsoil Ea15k32 filter. \rv85
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    amsoil prices

    Yep,prices will go up on July 1 between 3-8%.For the average oil change the diff would be approx $3-$4.Not an issue to most folks. \rv85
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    when change brake fluid?

    I change the PS fluid in all my cars once a yr....fluid is cheap and it's a 15 min job at the most. On the brake & clutch fluid,I do a system brake bleed ( all cars have speed-bleeders)every spring and do a turkey baster change of brake & clutch fluid every OCI.Again,fluids are cheap and fresh...
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    Oil recommendations for my Iroc-Z

    I run Amsoil 0w-30 in all hot rods. \rlr carolina
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    What do you do when a dog attacks you?

    I use the <span style="font-weight: bold">PIP</span> method.<span style="font-weight: bold">P</span>istol <span style="font-weight: bold">I</span>n <span style="font-weight: bold">P</span>ocket! \rlr carolina
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    Recommended change interval for rear diff?

    I chng the trans & diff fluids in all my man trans once a yr or 12k miles whichever come first. Fluids are still fairly cheap.....gears are not. \rlr
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    Got some PP laying around, throw it in the mower?

    I use Penn Plat 5-30 in all my cars listed below and both B&S powered push mowers. Never a prob. \rlr Carolina
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    what would be the best oil to use in a 99 corvette

    99....No one knows what is "best",but I use Penn Plat 5-30 in all my cars,Including my enhanced 02Z06.I OCI all my cars every 4-5k miles or 6 mos,whichever comes first. Hope that helps, \rv85
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    Good Tire Pressure Gauge

    I use a Reb-Co ap guage.You can find them at just about any online car store that sells racing parts. \rv85
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    Honda MTF vs Amsoil XL

    I run Honda MTF in my 03 S2K trans.I have tried many trans fluids and find (IMO) that it shifts the best for me.I run Amsoil Severe Gear in the diff. I run Amsoil trans & diff fluids in my 96 Mits & 02 Z06. \rv85
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    So K&N Air Filters are bad??? (NOOB Question)

    I run K&N in all my cars...have for years.No problems. \rv85
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    Help with L14610 / PH7317 Sizing (Honda)

    I have run the Pure One PL14459 and the Wix 51334 on my 03 S2000.Both are good. \rv85
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    Change PS

    I change the PS fluid in my cars every 3rd OCI.Fluid is cheap.
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    Good Brake Fluid Opinions

    I use Valvoline in all my cars brake & clutch systems.Never a problem. \rv85
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    2.4L 4cyl Honda Filter Options?

    I run the Pure One PL14610 in the wifeys 02CRV and run PL14459 in my 03 S2000.Never a problem. \rv85
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    Oil recommendation for 5mi commutes to/from work

    Tap,lots of good oils to choose from. I use PP 5-30 and Pure One filters in all my cars and all have an OCI of 3-4k. I know that todays full syn oils are much better than they were 5-10 yrs ago,but I also know that todays engines are harder on oil too.Many of mine are modified,turbo or just...
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    Filter for race use

    Wix makes good racing filters.Check their site. \rv85
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    PureOne Filter changes (another gold filter)?

    Yep,I use the Pure One filters on my cars.The grippy stuff really helps when your hands are slick & dirty.
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    OEM Filter, break-in debris?

    I always made the dealer give me a couple of new oil filters as part of the new car deal just for the reason mentioned above. \rv85
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    Change oil filter every other oil change??

    I always change the Oil & Filters in my cars every 3-4k,max.I know that Oil is made much better than in years past AND that filters are better too,but engines also put greater stress on oils & filters than in the past. With so many engines w/turbo,Supercharged and with redlines increasing,I...