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    Gunsmith Recommendation- Restoration

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I’ll check all of those out! B1974- good call on the local range, I’m due for a trip anyway! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, she’s just a tired old Mauser. Built in 1943 at the Brunn factory. Definitely understand the feedback on if the costs start...
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    Gunsmith Recommendation- Restoration

    Hi all- have a WWII era K98k Mauser that is complete but the barrel and stock are toast. Stock is scraped all over plus a huge gouge. Barrel has a rusted bore, rifling is gone and swallows a no-go gauge (I don’t have a field gauge on hand). Absolutely no serial numbers match on any parts, so...
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    Budget Bolt Action 308 Suggestions

    I have a Thompson Center Venture in 308. Had good specs for the price range like 5r rifling, 3 lug bolt, MOA guarantee, etc. Nice rifle for not a lot of money. Best group at 100 is .54 inches. I fired three more 3 shot groups and they all averaged .78 inches. With the right ammo it does well...
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    10w30 HDEO or 15w40, others. What's in your engine?

    Just changed the oil today in the John Deere 1023e tractor. Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40. Taking into account the rebate, I think it was less than $5/gallon several months ago.
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    Green oil in toro zero turn mower?

    I used Schaeffer's engine oil before (used in a 2007 350Z due to that type of oil getting good analysis back with that motor) and it was green. Not just a little, it stood out.
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    Ideas on Uses for Spare Vert Shaft V-twin

    Hi all, a couple of seasons ago the transmission failed in the riding mower I was using. The rest of the machine is in good shape. A replacement hydro unit, or even sourcing a used one was at or more than the value of the mower. Its capabilities were marginal for my property anyway (steep slope...
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    Need Pressure Washer Recommendations

    I have a Husqvarna PW3200 pressure washer. Briggs horizontal engine. It's done great with washing sidewalks, stripping grime off the wood deck for refinishing, etc. I also loan it out to friends just to keep it in regular use- they all give it praise. I put a shot of pump saver in it after...
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    Budget In-ear hearing protection?

    These are no frills and non electronic, but less than $10 and have been more than adequate for me. There is a "valve" of sorts, and I keep it closed. Have shot with them open and it was not bad, but just want to get all of the protection they offer. Plus they have a couple different sizes...
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    B&S 22 H.P. V-Twin : Removed spark plugs ...

    I previously had a Briggs V-twin similar to yours. Inspected the plugs at probably less than 20 hours, looked like what you show. One dry, one oily. I cleaned both plugs and swapped sides when reinstalling. Subsequent checks showed both sides dry, no more oily plugs.
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    Subcompact tractor brands?

    I can't help with feedback on an FEL because mine doesn't have one (that said if I could go back in time I'd buy one with it). Since you asked about subcompacts, I do love my JD 1023E. The Yanmar engine starts right up and runs strong. Plenty of power on the steep slope it's operated on. Plenty...
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    Which CLP product do you like and why?

    I use breakfree CLP but only for storage (both in the bore and wiped on the metal surfaces. I've never had a corrosion issue. When using the gun I use a dedicated oil or light grease. TW25B is my go to now.
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    What's your favourite rifle?

    Years ago I bought a milled Bulgarian AK47 parts kit and had Rifle Dynamics build it using a CNC Warrior receiver. I've seen Rifle Dynamics get lots of grief from folks on the internet but they did a great job with my rifle. The milled versions are heavier, but they are built like tanks. Plus...
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    What's your favorite handgun?

    I have always liked the original SIG P6. It has a classic look, made in W Germany, constructed with the stamped steel slide. Not to mention the DA/SA. Unfortunately the one I have is more of a novelty than anything now due to unreliable magazines. The original springs are getting weak. SIG has...
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    Castrol Magnatec Interval?

    I wouldn't be worried about the response from Castrol. They are just protecting themselves. In the *highly unlikely* scenario where they say go 10k miles, but the manufacturer says 5k, if you did have an engine failure Between 5k and 10k theoretically the manufacturer could refuse to cover it...
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    Where Do You Carry Your CW?

    I have a couple IWB holsters for anything from a G19 to 1911. I can conceal well but they are really uncomfortable when sitting or driving. Probably to be expected when concealing something of that size. Just purchased a Belly Band on Amazon from ComfortTac. Only had it out one time but am...
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    New fuel storage cans

    I agree OP. The new spouts are horrible, prone to leaking and some end up just coming apart. Way too complicated. I bought a metal jerry can for my OPE gas. The spout was one of the types you had to depress for gas to flow. It broke in two pieces, not to mention previously leaked. So I...
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    Storing small engines for the winter...

    I run ethanol free gas and have never had to do anything additional for storage. At the end of the season I'll change the oil, warm it up again with the fresh oil and put it away. I don't run the tank dry either.
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    How long can a neglected Toyota 4.0 last at this rate?

    If she's family I'd help her stay up on maintenance. Plus if she's at around 60k, now would be a good time to peek at the manual and see what else is due. Probably not a lot recommended, but she may be in need of an air filter or something else minor. The suggestion of going for an EP or full...
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    I got a trade offer for my m57 Tokarev

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by GumbyJarvis</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Most ranges around here will not allow for magnetic or corrosive primer. Both indoor and outdoor ranges especially. Being outside of a military post, EPA is rampant on keeping...
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    Firearm solvent/oils

    Boretech Eliminator is the best solvent I've used. It does a great job of removing copper. For storage I leave a light coating of Breakfree CLP in the bore. For oil while shooting it's Mil-Comm MC2500. It stays where you put it and doesn't burn off.