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    How many of you choose not to extend OCI and why?

    Not sure about MB, Audi etc but the BMW maintenance schedule is 15000 mi. I will be picking up my first Bimmer soon and the concert of long OCI/maintenance is new to me.
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    New BMW OCI

    I have read other forums and asked questions. The BMW maintenance schedule shows 15000 mi/25000 km intervals. Which BMW owner is good with that OCI, and who have perform 1 or 2 OC in addition to the dealer specified ones? I have always changed oil at 6000 km so this concept I am not so sure of.
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    Pennzoil Ultra or Pennzoil Platinum?

    I have a 2010 Subaru WRX. My last change was at 10900 km, and today it's at 17100km. So with 6200km the oil was a little bit low, and dark. The oil I used was Pennzoil 5w30 synthetic. Used the Subaru filter with the ring. I don't think the engine at this age and with frequent oil changes...
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    Calling On Subaru Owners Please?

    I now have a 2010 WRX, and also have a 98 Outback. Previously I have owned 03 Acura TL, 04 Caddy CTS-V, 2002 Maxima, 98 Maxima, 2001.5 Audi S4, 2000 Integra Type R etc etc. In our climate the AWD is nice. The Subaru's might not be as fancy inside, but it's been reliable so far (both of...
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    Auto RX, but car requires Synthetic

    Ok, the lube shop didn't have PP so I put in 5w30 Syntec. Will do the clean/rinse and then go back to M1. One thing I noticed is with the fresh oil change my oil pressure is actually lower than what I had with M1, 30% oil life remaining. Sitting at 220 kpa at idle, and about 350 kpa at 3000 rpm.
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    Auto RX, but car requires Synthetic

    5-ML-96556-ML- Moved to Oil Additives Section
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    Auto RX shelf life?

    I purchased 4 bottles before and have one bottom left over. It's been 2+ years. Do Auto RX have a shelf life? I am good with using this unopened bottle from 2+ years ago?
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    Auto RX, but car requires Synthetic

    Previously I had Auto-Rx'ed my 98 Subaru Outback and 03 Acura TL-S. After treatments I put in synthetic oil. I don't own either cars anymore. Got a 01 Audi S4 a couple months ago and was going to Auto-RX it but the car, with a twin turbo requires synthetic oil. I didn't want to put in dyno...
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    Acura 2003 Type S-- 5 w 20 in summer?

    Manual say 5w-20 so should stick with that. In Canada it might even be more suitable to use the thinner oil
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    10w-30 Maxlife syn OK for winter?

    Yeah I got some at a great price too. 10w-30. I am gonna go back and see if they have anything thinner to mix.
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    Mobil One

    Ok, I haven't been paying enough attention to the post here. Are you saying Castrol put out some syn oil at low price, so Mobil had to do the same. Doing so they lowered the syn oil grade to similar to grpIII oil? Thanks in advance>
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    -37C this morning

    I live in Fort Mcmurray, 4.5 hours north of Edmonton. Friday morning the temperature was -38c without the windchill. The car wasn't plugged in as I haven't purchased extension cord. Moved here temporarily for work back in July and will go get a cord. In the car is 10-30 Castrol regular...
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    Does anyone here use Meguiar's Gold Class?

    Did you use NXT by itself? I have some Klasse two steps at home and I have some NXT here in another city. I might be home this weekend and do the Klasse first, then NXT later. Comments? Looks nice btw!
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    Rotella T SB

    When I bought my car the owner gave me his extra oil filter, and the Rotella 0w-40 Syn oil. It's an SJ oil. I am thinking I should give this to my neighbour and go with Mobil. My car is a 98 Outback. This oil is probably better for diesels?
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    Castrol Syntec-Can it go 7,500?

    Wow. A lot of people I talked to still follow the OCI of 6000 KM or 3 months! After my auto-rx treatment(s) I will go with 8000km OCI I think. Tiny steps you know! Go from 6000km to 12000km in one step is quick :-).
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    maxlife synthetic

    And we dont get this super deal with Maxlife in Canada.