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    Scotty’s at it again.

    One thing is whats stand on the bottle and whats the reality. For an example Mannol Legend Ultra says GM Dexos 1 gen 2 but there is no Dexos approval for the oil. Dexos 1 Gen 2
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    "Lower tier " oils you have run...

    Just started to run Mannol oils which is an low price oil here in Sweden / Europe since the Mobil and other known brand oils got so expensive. I dont know any place here to send an VOA to get it tested.
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    Tow vehicle/daily driver SUV recommendations?

    That looks strange. Some kind of mockup ?
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    Toyota 2ZZ-GE intake cam wear - bad oil or bad filter?

    It´s a Toyota it cant be anything wrong with a part in the car so it has to be the oil ;) I would blame bad maintanence that not checked valve clearence and adjusted it in time :rolleyes:
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    UPF63R AC Delco filter

    Tnx Bill My 2016 5.3 use PF63 by the users manual and the 6.0 in the same manual uses PF48E I think his Suburban is an 2012 so can be that it has the PF48 ? I will ask him to look in the manual to see what filter type he needs.
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    UPF63R AC Delco filter

    Old tread but i got a offer to get a couple of UPF63R filters from a friend who got told that he cant use them on his 5.3 Suburban if he get one PF63 from me. I dont get why the UPF63R would be bad replacement of the PF63 ? May it be bypass pressure ? For me they looks ok. Inner metal tube and...
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    when is fully synthetic is NOT a fully synthetic!

    The big thing is the marketing and commercial of oils. Hard to check up for a normal user what kind of oil i buy. One example of marketing of an oil: Innovative energy-saving premium bi-synthetic engine oil (PAO + esters) for modern gasoline engines. Designed to meet the requirements of...
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    How much salt is usually on your vehicle in the winter?

    If we got a dry day i will go and wash my truck. I dont get it why the US carmakers dont galvanize the frames and body like moust of the Europeans do. I love US trucks but hate the way they rust away.
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    NAPA Legend...made in Turkey?

    AKO batterys is the only Turkey manufacturer i heard of. AKO
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    Rear End Noise 2003 Suburban

    If its a 4wd take a look at the transfercase and fluid level in it. I could swear that the noice of our Suburban came from the rear when driving but it was the transfercase that got a leak from pump rub and i run it empty for a long time before it started to make noice.
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    Oil and filter recommendation for L98 engine

    Low price oil that working good in my older Chevys 5W30 Dexos 1 gen 2 easy to order from Germany for us who lives in EU Filters i use is AC Delco PFxx when its easy to order and sometimes i found WIX at the local low pride store Biltema here in Sweden but its a long time since i saw them at the...
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    Has Anyone Tested Cetane Boosters?

    I used to add cetane booster in wintertime to get a better cold start when i used house heting oil in the car and when it got really cold i addad some kerosene to avoid jelly in tank. Never seen any other benefits than the cold start.
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    Did my oil filter clog up and cause damage? Clattering/knocking noise on cold start

    Isnt it manual rockerarms valve clearance adjustment on the Izusu engines ?
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    Post your latest oil change

    The Japanese small trucks are more common but the Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks are quite common. The only issue is that they rust a lot and that spareparts is not so easy to order from US any more. 10 years ago it was so nice and easy to order directly from US but i guess it got som export taxes...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2016 5.3 Silverado 1500 First oilchange for me on this wehicle when i just bought it. Due to last stamp in service record it should be done before i bought it but i dont belive the oil and filter was changed. Black oil and a really stuck filter. Out: Unknown black thick oil Purolator...
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    Does anyone actually make a good thermostat anymore?

    Here in Sweden i always look for a Calorstat thermostat if aviable when i had good reliability on them.
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    Home Made Near Infra Red (NIR) Sauna

    I belive more in the Finnish Sauna with pouring water on the hot stones to get an wapor thats heat me up.
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    Adding a turbo to a na engine

    Totally right of what i learned. Old diesels dont even have intake trottle just regulating the amount of diesel injected to regulate rpm/power. Fully open intakes and free airflow. To little fuel then the engine not revs up. On old diesels like MB it was common to add a turbo and then just...
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    HVO 100 diesel

    Lift an old tread. I drive Ford Ranger 2011 and a 2020 on HVO100 without any problem so far but i notised thet it seams to be agressive to some rubber types. The rubber seal on the spare can is now unusable when it got spongy and too big to seal. HVO100 is made by the Finnish company Neste. We...