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    Do you clean your Mass Air Flow Sensor?

    Can’t say I have ever. I cleaned a throttle body once, to fix an idle issue (2010 Tundra), that went well. Did a repeat on my 11 Camry and put up with a bad/worse idle for the next week. Afraid to touch my 99 now, even though the idle is wonky (probably injectors).
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    Thoughts on the 2023 Nissan Rogue 1.5 variable compression engine?

    Well, at 46 I stopped being new (and young) long ago. Code did get dropped a number of years ago. I got to ride in on the lessening requirements. Good/bad, dunno, nothing stays the same, and the mode will slowly erode away I'm sure. Just like all other technology, it has its day in the sun.
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    Thoughts on the 2023 Nissan Rogue 1.5 variable compression engine?

    Well, the 24 year old one is my daily, so I'm back in the majority. Working at tech company, that puts me back into the minority though, only the guy into muscle cars has older stuff. I do a bit of ham radio at times and find myself in the minority there, one of the younger guys on Morse code...
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    Thoughts on the 2023 Nissan Rogue 1.5 variable compression engine?

    Ditto. I remember people complaining at the same time about how cars were too hard to work on and didn't like the new aero styling. I'd argue, more like, under 15, although I'm guessing it's more like 25 and under who don't know what it means (hang on, there's a cloud going by that needs to be...
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    Thoughts on the 2023 Nissan Rogue 1.5 variable compression engine?

    Thoughts? its new, complex and loaded with new fangled tech. Of course it’s to be disliked. We’ll have to see how it works out for you. Good luck. :)
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    New Toyota Tacoma

    Supposedly they did the same thing to my 5S-FE, around '95 or so they dropped the oil-coolant heat exchanger. Bit them on the rear with sludge complaints. OTOH... my post '95 5S-FE is still kicking. Maybe it's just a gamble they are willing to take? Maybe they are trying to go Euro. You...
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    Installing Brake Pads

    Yes, I often have to file to fit. Even after cleaning up the caliper bracket, it seems pads are just too tight to slide easily. I take off as little as possible, when done I will put some Honda M77 on it to help slide, call it done (I try to take apart every spring and check, make sure all is...
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    this digital age...

    Going digital / the cloud / anything automated is a bit like moving from hand tools to power tools. The mistakes can be made all the faster. Great when it works, confounding when it doesn't.
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    Krown: Tests vs Real World

    This. Plus wanting it to work, after paying for it.
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    Protect my head lights?

    Xpel worked for me. But not sure if necessary if one is trading in ten years or less? I guess more southern areas might need more for fading, while up here it would be good for protecting against sand.
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    Is the belly pan essential ?

    Happened to a coworker of mine. Car wouldn’t start one winter, was pretty cold, so he dumped a bucket of hot water on it, to warm it up. Pretty sure the timing belt jumping a tooth had nothing to with lack of bellypan on that one…blame laid elsewhere.
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    24 inch wheels

    Yeah, I'm starting to worry about finding 14's in the future. The nature of the beast I guess. I do have 16's that I know will fit, rocked those last winter, but then that leaves my CRV with 15's, *sigh*.
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    Letting Oil Drain Overnight

    I liked top side oil changes, back when I had a VW. No need to get underneath. Couldn't see much anyhow, not with a bellpan in the way. 255k on the turbo before it went, 10-12k OCI's. I'm not sure why the turbo went but the shaft snapped in half. Put a bigger turbo on with a chip, went back...
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    24 inch wheels

    After going to 29's I can't imagine going back to 26's. Oh wait, that's on my bicycle. Is the auto world catching up with bicycles now? I've seen some of those brodozers, sure looks like bike tires to me. Bet they aren't priced like 'em though. Sheesh. Meanwhile my car still rocks 14's...
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    What are you doing right now?

    Messed around with my bicycle. Got a new front derailer, got that working. Time for new tires though. :( $50 per, and my old favorite (Conti 4000's) went OBS. Just did some SMT soldering. Never tried solder paste before. I'd call it fun, but wow, I forgot how much work it was. I also am...
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    Letting Oil Drain Overnight

    I have to say, I'm getting a kick out of reading this thread. But I fear some day I will be waiting behind you, waiting for the urinal to be free.
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    Letting Oil Drain Overnight

    Eons ago, dad had an oil burner. Like flirting with 100miles per quart burning. He was buying oil by the case. He'd take the empties, flip 'em upside down into a funnel, and let it drain for a day or two. Said he got an extra quart per case that way. Every bit counts. Indeed!
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    Listening to the radio in your vehicle.....

    I find I “have” to have something on while working—but as I live behind a computer, that’s trivial. Sometimes I will have the radio on in the garage, but lately its been the same synthwave youtube channel, almost white noise really. Wife and daughter like to watch tv in the evening, usually...
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    Another tire issue weird wear on outer tread

    No chunking but nots of feathering on my RT43’s. But on older cars? regardless of recent alignment or not. Oddly enough, our CRV, which is getting driven more conservatively than most great grandparents, is managing to feather all tires, again despite recent alignment.
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    Farewell BlueOvalFitter

    Sorry to hear this. RIP.