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    Cat thief run over, dies.

    why is the converter stupid? It is actually pretty smart how it converts toxic gases to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction.
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    Cat thief run over, dies.

    This was in Cali -- they'll charge her with murder.
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    Enough juice for three Superb Owls

    Kiss the ring of the commish and you will live to play another day......
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    Pilot lands 394-ton A380 sideways as Storm Dennis rages

    sink rate was slow enough, I think the landing gear would be fine. Tires, not so much!
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    The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees

    joy division!!
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    NFL --- AFC and NFC title games leading to the SUPER BOWL!!!!

    looks like they really wanted the Chiefs in Superbowl. Calls were unreal.
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    toilet flush valves. Korky or Fluidmaster ?

    fluidmaster......i have not had luck with korky.
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    Having a non-car person other half - the things they do.

    Pics of the "other half" to determine if you are being a butthead...... ;)
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    Are you serious about tire rotation intervals?

    I did mine twice on my's got 50K miles on do the math!;):ROFLMAO:
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    Tempted to get a 85" TV this black Friday

    Funny how 30 years ago the biggest CRT tv's that were available were like 36" and weighed several hundred pounds!!
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    what is a cheap good floor jack?

    I have a Torin Big Red 1-1/2 ton jack that works well for me.
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    Losing Weight, down 81 pounds so far

    Awesome for you Nick!! I need to lose about 15 lbs, I'm 6'-0" and #205 lbs. during the Covid time I put some weight on I want to lose. I'm 54 years old and the added weight after 50 is not a good thing!
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    The Top 25 Overrated Singers Of All Time

    I can imitate Bob Dylan by clogging the suction tube of my vacuum cleaner.
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    Patio cover structural concerns

    Patio cover is fine with the added columns. I'd be more concerned with termites with the way your clapboard is almost in contact with your lawn.....
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    First bad tank of gas (I think)

    This happened on our Volvo XC60 - thought it was bad gas but a week later the coil failed and left us stranded.....but this is how it started.
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    First bad tank of gas (I think)

    Or you just had a coil pack that is going bad -- has the same symptoms.
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    US Navy Set To Deploy Hypersonic Missiles

    Well, this is a game changer -- Russia touted their hypersonic missiles and now we have ours too! So too bad Vladimir!!, If you fire yours and we'll have 2x the amount of them heading back your way.
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    Any guess on how old this bar& chain oil is ? (Pics)

    bottle is ribbed for your pleasure hahaha.....or something like that!
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    Radiator stop leak in oil

    I'd sue your workplace for inadequate lighting! Kidding - drop oil pan and clean the screen and it prob ably clogged the oil pressure sensor too.