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    Silkolene updates formula to "XP", jacks price up

    my point was not wear..phosphorus is poisonous to a catalyst and most motorcycles these days have such emissions control system compatibility
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    Silkolene updates formula to "XP", jacks price up

    update as in sn api rating...less phosphorus for catalyst equipped bikes..a number of mc specific bike oils have the sn rating..motul,kendall gt-1 to name a few..formula trickery to charge more for less..additive
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    Getting started on sport bikes

    a good way to get started on a sportbike...learn to ride a dirt bike first and all the skills it entails which will translate into handling a street bike..
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    This could be interesting - Africa Twin

    a fairly smart move by Honda in regards to this bike..{with the dct could be rather portly}..considering the bizarre lineup of bikes Honda has right now as long as its not too expensive compared to the bimmer and monster ktm
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    Anybody riding?

    picked up a leftover 14 versys 650 abs just over a month ago..chomping at the bit with the unusual tropical weather the past weekend in socal..cant wait to tear up the canyon and mountain roads
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    '13 KTM Duke 690 Motorex 10/60w Crosspower 4t

    that motorex 10w60 is $20 liter/$76 for 4 liters at cyclegear
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    Road Rage against Motorcyclist

    lots of careless arrogant malicious behavior on the road folks... personal responsibility has been removed from society...DEVO was right
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    1200cc BMW Twins and 5W-40 oil

    you'll get snappier throttle response with lighter oil in that oilhead..less fluid drag
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    JASO MA-2

    it seems the sm/sl jaso ma2 oil has less phosphorus and sulfated ash which is supposedly damaging to a catalyst which most motorcycles come equipped with since 2007 or so..and that sequel is even more spendy
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    Good synthetics for roadliner 1900?

    the raider/roadliner/stratoliner 1900 motor family is known for lifter issues..clacking sound at startup is a warning sign of possible lifter failure(mine were replaced under warranty at 1200 miles)ticking sounds when hot seem to be normal,it has four lifters versus two in a harley twin..also...
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    Why aren't we all using HDEOs?

    this question about why arent we all using hdeo also relates to motorcycles..some bike oils have higher zi/ph like the diesel oils,but the latter is cheaper..however,most late model bikes have one or more catalysts..Canada,you are going to love California's emission laws...NOT
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    Retailers on crack!

    i noticed when the price of a barrel of oil spiked awhile back that the price of gas went up sure but the price of oil,tires..anything oil related went up and pretty much has not come down..
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    Peacock or Newb...Exploring the Difference

    i've got some corn for you,seriously..this thread reminds me of the "gang" of kids who took over the rock store on their mopeds..about thirty of them,one sport rider got mad yelling "this is embarassing!" jumped on his bike and took off,funny as [censored]...i thought the youngsters were brave...
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    Peacock or Newb...Exploring the Difference

    i'm alittle peacock short and stout,here is my handle,here is my spout..
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    Peacock or Newb...Exploring the Difference

    i prefer stock pipes myself..stealth is where its at in the canyons..i do enjoy the crackle of drag pipes on a hog..once and awhile...or an italian twin at full song..i do miss the two stroke dirt bikes...
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    Peacock or Newb...Exploring the Difference

    i see no need to ridicule another rider because of the image they try to put on..real or fake,you can usually tell..been riding 36 years myself,consider myself a sport rider,like fast to appreciate and support others who ride..the anti-motorcycle forces are gathering..remember two...
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    rotella T6

    $19 gal. as of yesterday at walmart..
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    Word to the wise

    i know of a guy who caught a bike dealership using their security cameras to prove no valve adj. was done...i trust one bike mechanic in the area currently,if buying used good idea to service bike yourself right away.. 95 busa's story another example.
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    Road Debris In Face

    i was riding in the mountains along the los angeles crest highway,i have a habit of riding with my visor open..a bee got into my helmet wedged in my right temple area and stung me eye swelled shut for almost two days..been stung before and after that so now i try to keep my visor shut...
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    superbike oil

    i agree 40wt.syn.2000 mi oci for my application..20w-50 although ok to use 32-104* plus according to manual might actually produce more heat due to more viscous fluid..besides i usually do not ride in 100* temps,but i do love the desert..