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    Swimming in Louisiana

    Hannah Barron would just kill the alligator! ...enjoy the research...your welcome.
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    Best tool for rear differential?

    For anyone researching this in the future. I found that the driveshaft sometimes is in a position where there is a bolt that blocks the fill hole and sometimes is not. Moving the vehicle can allow access.
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    help finding transfer case drain and fill

    I have a 2007 Sienna AWD, my first all wheel drive vehicle so I'm not familiar with the layout. I've changed the tranny fluid and the rear differential fluid but I don't see the fill and drain holes for the front transfer case. Can anyone orient me please?
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    Best tool for rear differential?

    My '07 Sienna is AWD. It appears the fill hole for the rear differential is partially blocked by the driveshaft. Is there a tool that can reach back there? I think it would need to be a really flat allen bit on a really flat breaker bar. Like the entire setup looks to be about an inch of...
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    A TV Story- oops!

    Awesome. Update the board on what Sears eventually does. I'm curious on how they will replace an obsolescent (not obsolete!) product. We still have our 1998 32" Phillips/Magnavox, which of course everyone in the house wants replaced except me, now that's entertainment!
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    canister filter

    There's a spring and a plate in the bottom of the cannister that lets the oil into the pickup tube when the pressure builds.
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    Green Earth Technologies Unveils 2012 G-OIL Line

    I've been holding onto a $20 off coupon I have that expires this spring waiting for them to upgrade to SN/GF-5. Hope it hits shelves before my coupon bites the dust! The advanced synthetic NOACK is listed at 6.2%, that is amazingly low! On a side note: 5qt. containers are not listed as an...
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    What? No Ashland products? You need to get half a quart of NextGen or Maxlife to be inclusive!
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    Advance auto parts - $17.99/gal. If you buy it in gallon containers.
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    Discovered something interesting today.

    So, is this the new Bluesmobile or what?...... ..."Fix the lighter"
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    Few questions from a noob.

    Been there. I bought a 2001 Sienna 4.5 years ago with 87,000 mi. Was concerned about sludge but had no real reason to believe I had it. DONT SCRAPE THE BAFFLE UNDER THE CAP. It isn't sludge you feel, the baffle has a scratchy coating on it put there by Toyota for who knows what reason...
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    DIY brake pads

    Another thing with the rotors. Sometimes they come packed slathered in machine oil. It's faster to just wash them with dish soap and warm water before spraying them with brake cleaner. I've had rotors so greasy they would kill a whole can of brake cleaner if I hadn't pre-washed them.
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    No pcv valve on 2007 Sienna?

    Thanks. It's the 3mz-fe.
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    DEXOS and the green logo

    I noticed on the GM Dexos site that Pennzoil synth blend and QS synth blend are dexos1 approved. Is this a new development?
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    No pcv valve on 2007 Sienna?

    I noticed that Rockauto, AdvanceAutoparts and Autozone do not have a pcv valve listed for the 2007 Toyota Sienna. Is there no valve, only a straight tube? Is there any part to replace or monitor to help the engine run cleaner like the pcv valve in previous generation Siennas?
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    Acura cl v6 distributor fix??

    There's oil in my distributor. Where would I go to get an oil shaft seal that is compatible. Ive got the part numbers for the cap gasket and o-ring but the part inside the distributor isn't a Honda part. Should I just get a recycled distributor? I've read the size is 24.5od 14.5id by 6mm...
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    How different are today's cars from 90s cars?

    OBD II came in the mid 90's. I remember pulling the floor mats up on my '88 Civic to interpret blinking lights.
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    Sister in-law's Bimmer milkshake.

    I dont think it will be too bad. If it's a 2004 it's a 4th generation with the m54 series engine which can be worked on by European car shops outside the dealer network. If it were an e90 with the n52 engine, that would be more expensive.
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    trivia about old TVs

    Contrast - "warmth - or fade" of image Brightness - brightness of image Color - The strength of the color Tint - changes the tones of the color, adjust to get proper skin tone. Horizontal Hold - to hold screen position side to side Vertical Hold - screen position up and down, prevents...
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    Nissan Versa 2011 Oil suggestions - I'm perplexed

    <img src="/forums/graemlins/welcome2.gif" alt="welcome" title="welcome" height="50" width="100" /> Over the past year there has been improved motor oil specifications and the vendors changed their formulas. GF-5, and API SN are the new standards. GM added a new certification called DEXOS1...