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    Oil suggestion, towing and consumption.

    Unless it was a diesel, I wouldn't put that many miles on an OCI while towing. The most 3,500 OCI's.
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    2003 Ford Ranger won't start

    If it is a 3.0 v6--- same as the old Aerostars-- it's gon get bad
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    Distant acquaintance probing for personal

    Why are you so bitter?
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    Fuel efficiency related to engine size

    It's all about weight they are having to move and at rpm
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    2008 Chev Malibu with a 2.4 engine?

    Terrible cars. There's a reason why it was not run above 90,000 miles. Our Impala is a piece of shoot. Powersteering issues, gasket issues, stabilitrak issues.
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    Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda have been doing them for ages. Toyota thru Daihatsu has been doing 1L turbo-charged engines that are still running and are more than 15 years old. Europoor engines? I don't think those will hold up. They are sports engines. Diesel european engines? I think they...
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    Can someone please school me on window tint?

    If you drive down to Mexico they'll do the whole job for less than 20 dollars with ceramic tint included.
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    effect of chinese ownership of volvo

    Don't expect longevity.
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    Another interesting read

    Redline and Motul buuy their chemicals from Exxon.
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    Dodge Durango R/T 5.7?

    Get a Minivan. Chrysler Fiat is a nightmare.
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    OCI For track car?

    What does Mitsu recommend on those engines when racing? I would look for that and maybe start planning it out.
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    BITOG Top Ten

    There's always some guy bashing Mobil 1 because is what most people (and experts) agree is the best oil
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    in CA we have "AM PM" , what is it called in your state?

    Murphy, Sunoco, Valero, Stripes, Exxon, Circle K, HEB
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    Buy at a meat market or grocery store?

    I go to HEB and I have gone to the butcher in Mexico and the US. The Butcher will always make a better job than the high volume grocery stores. However, I like the convenience of the grocery store, so that's where I buy my meat.
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    Royal purple 5w30 honest opinions

    Keep the same oil. Try RP on a newer vehicle. M1 outperforms RP
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    New York kicks Charter/Spectrum out of the state

    Spectrum sucks. They took over Time Warner Cable--which was really good and cheap-- and somehow made the customer service worse and the actual service reliability even worse.
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    Typical GM management

    PSA makes joke cars that are made with cheap materials. MY cousin down in Mexico had a Peugot and it was total garbage. No airbags and the door knob fell a year later. That's why they make money. He ended more times in the mechanic than he wished for. On the good side, he didn't have to spend much.
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    Your favorite motor flush

    I don't use Pennzoil so I never have the need to flush engines. My engines are clean as a baby's mind.