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    Annoyed at NAPA buy 3 items, get 20% off

    Lol, I use those everyday at work!
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    Brake fluid stains on tires

    But it's on the sidewall...
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    Brake fluid stains on tires

    Hey all, Here's a new one for you that I hope you can all help me with. Sooooooo a few weeks ago, one of my caliper piston seals decided to no longer seal and dumped brake fluid all over the tire. I got all of it off the paint before it did any damage but I tried degreasing the rubber tire and...
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    Do you have a go to rotor/pads combo you like?

    Been using Durago rotors and Centric ceramic brake pads from Rockauto with no problems :)
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    Anyone Using a Cordless Walk-Behind Battery Operated Lawn Mower?

    I've got the Ego mower. It's ok, but it bogs down bagging in medium height grass and leaves clippings. I would buy the Toro 60V mower when this one craps out.
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    EVs With 12V Battery Issues

    My Hyundai Sonata Hybrid keeps the 12V battery at a low SOC like around 50-60%. I would never use it to jump start another vehicle for risk of damaging the expensive DCDC converter or anything else. I've replaced it once already and it lasted for 4 years.
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    Do I really need to register my battery?

    You'll run the risk of overcharging the battery that way leaking to venting in the cabin. Just do it right the first time.
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    What will wear items be in electric cars once common?

    I expect electric water pumps to be a common wear item. Also very $$.
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    ISO Dash Cam Suggestions

    I highly recommend a Thinkware dashcam. You can disable voice prompts and emergency recording. It also lets you know if something is wrong with the SD card unlike many of the cheaper cameras.
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    Battle of silicone greases for caliper slide pins

    I've been using Dynatex silicone and I haven't had any problems with it.
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    2018 telematic module issue.

    Probably acts like a gateway module for the other modules. Brings CANBUS down and causes all sorts of issues.
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    Spark Plugs hand tight

    I've also heard of shaving cream being used to catch the shavings.
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    Vehicle Review after first 1k miles (2022 IONIQ hybrid Limited)

    Really? Even my '16 Sonata Hybrid Limited came with heated and cooled seats.
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    Car air fresheners: PSA

    For anyone with bad smells, just buy amn Ozone generator and let it air out afterwards. They're cheap nowadays.
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    What are you working on today?

    Redid my spark plugs and replaced the other 3 ignition coils. I didn't want to pay $27 a spark plug from the dealer but I had no choice. I won't buy Champion plugs again.
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    Third world backyard brake shoe relining enterprise

    It's not banned in the USA. You can still buy aftermarket brake pads that may contain asbestos.
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    Actual bad UOA’s you’ve had?

    My old Santa Fe came back with a high silica count because of a cheap aftermarket air filter and my current Sonata hybrid came back with fuel dilution.
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    EV schedulled maintenance, DIY?

    You'll need a vacuum coolant fill tool for refilling coolant unless you have a bidirectional scan tool to activate the electric pump.
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    New pet

    Beautiful cat! Buy a scratching post and feather toys for her to play with. Try giving her some catnip sometime as well.
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    Quick Release Oil Drain Plug

    I've got the Fumoto on all 3 cars and I love them!