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    Refrigerator Circuit Board Blown?

    GE refrigerator boards fail frequently. As a GE appliance parts distributor they were high volume sales.
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    Quality ammeter.

    Field Piece makes good quality meters. Much less expensive than Fluke. I sold thousands of their products in my supply stores. They held up well for technicians use every day.
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    This broke on my dishwasher, how to fix?

    GE in the past used vinyl coated cables. They broke often too. Most mfgs use nylon string door cables now. i keep couple spares for my Kitchenaid. Easy to replace cables.
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    Changing Spark Plugs and Lubrication

    Apply dielectric grease to spark plug wire boots, inside where spark plug-ceramic touch boot. I use Q-tip, little dab will do i.
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    Check out my magnets on my oil filter

    I rob magnets out of microwave magnetron. They are, flat,large, round donut shaped & you can stack them. Plus I get them free.
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    Best spark wires

    Fuel injection
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    Best spark wires

    Headers uncoated stainless
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    Best spark wires

    66 Chevy c10, electric fan, uncoated stainless
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    Best spark wires

    I have an LS1 motor with headers. Installed in a classic vehicle. Tired of replacing burnt plug wires. Any suggestions on quality, high performance spark plug wire set ?
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    Fram Ultra Inlet Holes

    Better construction, thicker can, 25-30 micron 98% than current AC Delco More Information for ACDELCO UPF47R {Alternate Inventory Numbers: 19391150} Continue Shopping ACDELCO UPF47R $.50 Rebate Available! $8.20 Price Add to Cart 1 / 4...
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    Fram Ultra Inlet Holes

    Better than his current Delco PF47E
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    Fram Ultra Inlet Holes

    Better than his current PF47E
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    Fram Ultra Inlet Holes

    I suggest the AC Delco Gold UPF47R, better filtering, thicker can, better construction. Available from Walmar, Rockauto, Amazon & GM dealers.
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    Oil for a flathead Ford

    Several mfgs make oil for Classic vehicle, Redline, Amsoil are just 2. I would use those. Newer oils are design to meet latest vehicle specifications. And not stop up catalytic converters. Tolerances in older engines were not as tight, even when new. Valves were designed for leaded gas. Using...
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    1968 Old Mobile Home Vin# Location

    VIN located on tongue. The tongue was removable. Many thrown out or scrapped. Then when need to be moved had to try and find replacement tongue.
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    2019 Polaris Ranger Crew 1000XP

    In my Polaris I use Redline 10w50 Power Sports oil.
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    Is still in business (9/2022)?

    Submit dispute with credit card company
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    Carquest Red R84090 multiple failures

    Contact filter mfg. if their filter caused problem. They will pay for repair/replacement of motor. Be good if he has receipt where & when he purchased filter or had oil changed. But not necessary. If oil was changed at a shop, they would be held responsible for damages. And mfg should compensate...
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    2023 Acadia 2.0T Filter

    AC Delco offers a premium version of that filter. Ultra guard gold UPF66R The can is thicker, metal end cap, metal core, synthetic media. I have weighed the regular and Ultra guard gold and gold is much heavier. Dealer, Walmart, Amazon, Rockauto stock Ultraguard gold. I run the Ultra guard...
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    Finding new tires that are not out of round - mission impossible?

    Had local Chevy dealer mount tires on my 66 c10. Tech RoadForce balanced without me asking. Big difference driving truck. Now I will request RoadForce balance on all my vehicles.