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    best oil for 402 stroker motor?

    excuse the lowercase, my hand is broken. the shop that built the motor recomended using only conventional oil, no syn. they suggested rotella 15-40 for the break in and then 2 oil changes after that bc of the good additive pack it has. i was thinking valvoline vr1 10-30. what do you guys think?
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    best fluids for modded corvette?

    excuse the lowercase, i broke my right hand. i have a c6 with a forged 402 stroker and am about to add a 100 shot of nitrous too. need my trans (6 speed) and rearend to hold up. i have royal purple syncromesh in the trans now and amsoil max gear in the rear. ive heard a lot of good things about...
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    lubemasters strata xl anyone heard of it?

    new here. cool board. excuse the all lowercase as i broke my right hand. i asked about this oil on corvette forums but nobody has heard of it. has anyone here? a guy that owns a shop we give a lot of business to races dirt track cars and he says this is the best oil out now. something about...