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    That 96 Volvo 850 Turbo...

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> IMO a better site for some of the more modern Volvos Synthetic 10W30 is the spec oil for that turbo motor.
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    How many of you go 7500 miles on conventional oil?

    I do on my wife's Honda Pilot. 7,500 OCI's on YB 5w-20. Been that way since 2004. I think I am switching it over to PP next change to get all my cars on the same oil.
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    Volvo Owners

    I used MaxLife 10W-30 in my Volvo 850 with no issues, 5K OCI's with a Mann filter. I noticed a big difference when I ARX'ed it at about 120K. I sold the car with 188K on it still running strong.
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    5w20 dino protection?

    Been running my wife's Honda Pilot on 5W-20 Pennzoil YB for 120,000 miles with 7,500 OCI's with not one single engine issue, it runs like new and does not consume a drop between changes. It will be towing our pontoon boat this summer so next oil change I am going with either PP 5W-20 or...
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    Local Wal-Mart Now Carrying Synpower 5w20

    Thanks for the tip. I was planning to switch our Honda Pilot over to PP 5W-20 next change from YB (we tow our boat with the vehicle in the warmer months), but may go with the SynPower instead.
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    Castrol Edge at WM No More?

    I was in my local WM yesterday, Edge is still $34 but the bottles are getting dusty...
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    Do NOT check you oil level

    This happened on my Volvo a few years back. I think the heat of the engine compartment and various fumes/chemicals under the hood dry out and weaken the plastic. On mine I had to get a new tube as well as dipstick because Volvo changed the spec on the stick since my car had been made - it was...