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    New Castrol Edge Porsche Approved?

    Web Site said: REFORMULATED FOR EVEN BETTER PERFORMANCE: INTRODUCING CASTROL EDGE WITH SYNTEC POWER TECHNOLOGY. For years, you’ve depended on the power of Castrol SYNTEC to outperform conventional motor oils. Now, we’ve reformulated SYNTEC to outperform even itself: In extreme tests, Castrol...
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    New Castrol Edge Porsche Approved?

    Castrol has replaced Syntec with "Castrol Edge with Syntec Tecnology". Anyone know if Porsche has approved this new oil? Thanks
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    How often to change Mobil 1?

    I have a 04 Tacoma 6 cyl, 04 Camry 6 cyl and a '00 Corolla. All the cars get about 10,000 miles/year with mainly short distance, in city driving with maybe 1,000-2,000 mile highway trip. (Central Valley to Northern Oregon-actually 1200 miles round trip miles) I have always used Mobil 1 and...
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    2004 Camry auto trans fluid change

    My (current) wife's 2004 Camry now has 60,000 miles on it and the ATF is starting to turn brown. I'm considering a trans flush and would apprecate the boards opinion on type of ATF to replace (Synthetic?) and/or it it is even necessary. As you can tell based on the mileage, the car is...
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    New Craftsman lawnmover-Oil Recommendation

    I'm sorry for the post since I'm sure this topic has been discussed many times on this forum, however my "search skills" did not allow me to find my answer!! With that said, my issue is that I just pruchased a new Craftsman lawnmower (Briggs and Straton) and would appreciate any oil advice...
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    Discolored headlight lens cleaning options

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed at some point, so sorry for the repost. However, will someone direct me to the thread or assist me with options to "clean" discolored, yellow headlight lenses. Thank you very much, Mule <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/deadhorse.gif" alt="" />
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    QP Forum

    How do you get the "password" for the QP forum? I received an email that one of my "posts" had been moved to the forum..but I can't get in!!!
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    1st oil change, what a MESS!!!!

    Check out the links below: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href=""...
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    US to pull 100,000 troops out of Europe and Asia?

    Gary, What school did you get your political science and economic education from?
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    Another Toyota (Lexus) sludge monster

    I wouldn't worry about the engine as much as I would worry about the mother-in-law!!! Is she's like mine, you are in a no win situation no matter what you do and if ANYTHING goes wrong in the future, in her mind, it will be related to your oil change! Let her deal with the dealer!!
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    Which PC: Dell or HP?

    I purchased a new Dell in January and I will NEVER buy another Dell product again!!! The customer service is the very worst I have ever encountered anywhere anytime!!. The company sales staff is in the USA but all other customer service staff is in India! I had an issue with the monitor and...
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    France Boycott

    I received this e-mail about France. I think this is pretty old and maybe a repost(who cares it deserves repeating). It shows all the companies that are owned by the French. I would have never guessed that some of these companies were French owned. I'm not usually swayed by such things but I...
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    New Camry Oil Change

    I didn't think that the 2005 Camry was out yet!
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    Magnetic drain plugs yay or nay?

    Based on my experience with their customer service <b>DO NOT USE SUPERPLUGS</b> !!!. The actual product does not look the same as pictured on the website and they will not give you a full refund with returns!! Plus, the attitude of the people stinks!
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    Camry Maintenance Required Warning Light

    I found the solution on another website and it works: 1. turn ignition to ON position. 2. toggle the trip/odometer display to display Odometer. 3. turn ignition to OFF position. 4. WHILE holding the ODOMETER button down, TURN the ignition to the ON position. Keep holding the ODOMETER button...
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    Camry Maintenance Required Warning Light

    Does anyone know how to reset the Maintenance Required Warning light on the '04 Camry? Thanks
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    Clay Bars

    tweeker...Have you tried Zanio's Z-5 polish to get rid of the "spider" swirl marks on you vehicle. The stuff worked great on my wife's dark green vehicle. And..There is really no trick to using a clay bar. Keep it clean..If you drop it, throw it away..and use plenty of lube..any carwash...
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    Amsoil users..Consider this!

    API Certification, Phosphorus & ZDDP Never use a non-API certified synthetic oil (there are many of these on the market). The problem with the non-API certified synthetics is that they contain too much phosphorus (in the form of the additive ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphates)). The API has...
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    Magnetic Drain Plug

    Whatever plug you use...DON'T PURCHASE A SUPERPLUG!!!!!I had a VERY unpleasant experience with SuperPlug. They are over priced and will not refund your cost if you want to return it!!! I didn't like to two-piece nature of the plug that used a cheap washer as the flang for the oil plug gasket...