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    Green X on Kohler M20 Engine Case

    What does a green X on the flywheel side of engine case mean ?
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    Substitute for Kohler Magnum SAE 30 engine oil

    I cannot find a source for Kohler Magnum SAE 30 engine oil in NE Ohio -- what would be a good substitute SAE 30 that would have a similar additive package to Kohler Magnum SAE 30 ?
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    Motorcraft 5W20 Full Synthetic

    Wonder why Advance Auto stopped selling MC Full Syn? Is there another source other than a Ford Dealer?
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    Calipers question...

    Be sure to check the caliper parts to be sure you have ALL of the parts that you are suppose to get in the kits -- I did NOT have a good experience with reman. calipers from Cardone as the mounting hardware was missing from one of the caliper boxes. Review this websit for the forum that has...
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    Brake pad suggestions for an F-150

    I have had good brake performance with Performance Friction pads. I have used them on the front and rear of our 2005 FX4 Supercrew. In my opinion, they offer a better 'cold' brake than oem or Hawk and are 'rotor friendly'. I am able to buy Performance Friction at O'Rielly Auto Parts. Hope...
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    Motorcraft FL2021 Oil Filter Specs?

    What are the specs for Motorcraft Oil Filter # FL2021? [The Summit Racing website shows that this filter does not have an anti-drainback valve which I find hard to believe.] Thank you in advance for your reserch on this oil filter
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    1975 Kohler K161T Oil around middle stud in block

    Engine: Kohler Model: K161T 7 HP Application: 1975 Torybilt Horse Model There is engine oil coming up and around the middle stud threads on the front side of the engine where the block, head gasket and head meet. This stud is one of 3 studs that hold the head in place. What is the cause and...
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    Performance Friction Brake Pads

    I am debating about putting performance friction brand of semi-metallic brake pads on Lincoln LS and F-150 FX4. Has anyone had experience with this pad on these 2 applications?
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    Front Wheel Bearing 2006 Lincoln LS

    I recently had to replace the front wheel bearing on the 2006 Lincoln LS driver side with 60K miles on odometer. Is this typical for this car?
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    Fuel Contamination ?

    While fueling the garden tractor, I accidentially overfilled the tractor fuel tank to the top of the neck on tank opening. In haste, I used a plastic turkey baster to suck some of the fuel from the fuel tank neck. I noticed that the clear plastic now has a milky look to the clear plastic...
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    Grade 2 bolt ?

    I am wondering if a Grade 2 steel bolt(.75-10 x 4 3/4) is strong enough to be used to attach the front axle to the frame of a 4-wheel garden tractor? I plan on mounting a 48 inch snow blower to the front of this tractor and do not want a bolt failure. Thank you in advance.
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    SAE 841 Bronze Sleeve Bearing

    I do not know where to find the SAE 863 -- if the SAE 841 will make it through the winter I will be ok.
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    SAE 841 Bronze Sleeve Bearing

    Will a sleeve bearing made from SAE 841 Bronze 'survive' in the front axle pivot of a Gravely 4-wheel garden tractor with a front-mount 48 inch snowblower attached? I was not able to find the correct size replacement sleeve bearing made fron steel and am wondering if the '841' Bronze will hold...
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    Sea Foam Bugs B Gone

    What experiences have you had with this product?
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    Cold Weather Oil Kohler Magnum M20 Gravely w Snowb

    I have been using Mobil 1 20W-50 Motorcycle oil in our Gravely 20G 4 wheel tractor w/60" center mount mower during the summer in northeast ohio. What are your thoughts about engine oil for this winter when the tractor will have a 48" snowblower mounted? I have thought about Mobil 1 10W-40...
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    Motorcraft Full Synthetic 5W20

    I recently purchased Motocraft Full Synthetic 5W20 for $4.49 per quart at Advance Auto Parts stores in both Northeast and Southwest Ohio. Seems like a great price!
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    Kohler SAE 10W-30 Universal Engine Oil ?

    Is Kohler SAE 10W-30 Universal Engine Oil a full synthetic oil? Can I switch from Mobil 1 20W-50 Motorcyle full synthetic to the Kohler SAW10W-30 Universal Engine Oil without doing damage to the Kohler Magnum 20HP engine in our Gravely 4-wheel LT? Reason I am asking is the engine is "noiser"...
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    Viscosity of Kohler Magnum 30 and Mobil 1 V Twin

    How can I find what the viscosity of Kohler Magnum 30 and Mobil 1 V Twin 20W-50 engine oil would be after 10, 20 and 50 hours run time?
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    Mobil V Twin 20W-50 Fully Synthetic Experiences

    What has/have your experience(s) been with Mobil V Twin 20W-50 Fully Synthetic motor oil in a Kohler twin cylinder engine?
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    Kohler M20S and Shell Rolella 5W-40 Synthetic

    The Kohler M20S engine I have has been using about 1/2 pint in 30 hrs on Oil Change with Shell 5W-40 synthetic. I bought this GT used last summer-do not know if there was any prior oil usage or not. I am wondering if I should use a streight 30W but want to use synthetic. Your thoughts