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    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    I dunno. I was using 5w30. I'm assuming 0w40 is a higher quality oil in any brand tho.
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    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    2015 Chevrolet Trax. I have used PP, PPU, QSUD, M1 original, Valve synth, Castrol Edge, Motomaster F1, and Kirkland synth. I don't even go close to GM mileage %. Usually change around 9000kms and the meter is reading 40% left. I'm at 110k kms on the odometer. Castrol Edge burns or evaporates I...
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    Cruze 1.4T - best oil for short trips?

    O.k. I have a 1.4 t trax at 65k. Same engine. I do my own oil changes. Same short trips all kindsa city driving. First thing first. Dont follow the gm oil life meter if you want our car to last a long time. For Me at around 8k I start to worry... engine starts to sound rough. 10k I'm changing...
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    High Mileage Oil Recommendations

    My 2005 kia sedona 246kms dropped about a litre ever 1000kms. Instead of High mileage oil(slowed leaking not consumption), or synthetic High mileage oil(never on sale & can't find it in Canada, plus RIDICOULOUSLY expensive), I used a quality full synthetic that was on sale(5w30) and put a...