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    Never use Dex Cool!

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> First, I am new here and did a search before posting. My mistake was that in this search function it defaults to a week instead of most search functions which go back to bring up every "hit". <hr /></blockquote> I think your mistake was coming here, new as you are...
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    Never use Dex Cool!

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Oh I get it now, and I accept your appology Buzzcutter. You must have me mixed up with someone else, I NEVER said that Dex "enhances gasket deterioration or prolongs it". In fact I never made any claims as far as Dex and any type of gasket or seal period. So I'm sure...
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    Never use Dex Cool!

    Is there some unpublished rule that says we have to forget we ever had this discussion and have someone come and start it up again every month or so? Please use the search feature before starting a topic like this. We've killed this horse 14 times. With that out of the way, I begin my standard...
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    100% GASOLINE

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Chris Meutsch: <strong> In Buffalo, NY in the early 90's, reformulated gas was all we could get in either the summer or winter (can't remember) and multiple friends' older cars had issues with it. Gas tank rust becoming loose and heading into the...
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    WHAT oil consumption???

    I used to worry about my Saturn consuming oil. It started around 50,000 miles. But, 230,000 miles later, I'm learning to relax.
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    100% GASOLINE

    If you live within 100 miles of Chicago ... in fact, I *think* if you live in the state of Illinois ... you will have no choice but to run 10% ethanol. It's mandated. You'll get a little less mileage, but that's it. It won't hurt anything. Won't help anything either, but it certainly won't hurt...
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    Best dino crud/sludge cleaner?

    Any modern formulation, change it every 3000 miles, and never drive the car for less time than it takes for it to get completely warmed up. Still sludging? Something else is going on.
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    Saturn Oil Consumption w/ Pennzoil Platinum

    Saturns use oil. The usage usually begins in earnest around 50,000 miles. You'll easily drive it to 200,000 miles and beyond regardless. Just get used to checking it every day and carrying a couple of quarts in the trunk. The switch to synthetic didn't do anything magical in terms of "cleaning...
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    Heating up VSOT prior to mix?

    I always just pour one quart of oil, then the VSOT, then the remaining two-and-a-half quarts as a chaser into a non-running engine. If it's a problem, it hasn't presented itself as one yet. I make sure the VSOT is reasonably warm (i.e., keep it in the car with me on the drive home from work)...
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    Ethanol Gas

    The point is, at 10% concentration or less (can't control "unscrupulous" gas station owners that would put more than that ... or for that matter vodka, chewing gum, wood screws, cat litter, or anything else in their gas), any car built after 1990 is going to be fine.
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    Ethanol Gas

    If you lived in Chicago ... or anywhere near Chicago ... you'd have been using 10% ethanol gas, and nothing but 10% ethanol gas, in your vehicles for nearly 20 years now. All the gas has it: it's illegal for stations to pump gas that isn't 10% ethanol. It's been that way since I've had a...
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    is synthetic really better

    The question isn't the same as it was 10 or even 5 years ago. Engines are better, and oils are better. While I think it was a no-brainer a few years back to say that synthetics were absolutely the way to go, I'm not convinced there's really much difference now. You'll likely easily reach 250,000...
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    Dexcool No Longer GM Factory Fill!!!

    I just don't get all the DexCool bashing. All the (admitedly anectdotal) evidence I see says it is in all ways superior to every other coolant I've had experience with. My Saturn has nearly 250,000 miles on the stuff: only replaced the water pump once, and that because of a bad bearing. Coolant...
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    Castrol 5W50 in a 1ZZ-FE

    ekpolk: To your point, one could indeed just as easily say "why bother" as "why worry": They're probably both valid. I can't speak to this particular application, but can only point to my 99 Saturn, a 95 Civic, a 95 Integra, two Escorts (one 91 and the other 93), a 90-something Tempo, and a 91...
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    Castrol 5W50 in a 1ZZ-FE

    ekpolk: Agreed, you *definitely* want to stay within the manufacturer's guidelines during the warranty period. Any excuse they can use to wiggle out of warranty issues you can be sure they'll find and use. (Amazing how many Dodge Caravan drivers "abuse" their automatic transmissions! What is it...
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    Castrol 5W50 in a 1ZZ-FE

    All this hand-wringing over oil viscosity is largely unnecessary. I haven't seen too many engines fail because of improper viscosity, outside of 10w-40s years ago that were overloaded with VIIs. Oil is just that much better now, and engines are lightyears ahead of what they used to be. I run...
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    Seal Leaks

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by dave1251: <strong> <img border="0" alt="[poof]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/128.gif" /> kev99sl dont get mad just get a new seal. </strong><hr /></blockquote>Why? Switching to Castrol Syntec seems to have "fixed" my "damaged" seal.
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    Seal Leaks

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Rick20: <strong> I see that the string is closed on rear main seal leaks. I think everybody got it wrong. Its dirt and oiling system contaminants that cause seal leaks. All it takes is a small amount of crud to get lodged under the lip of the seal and...
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    Eye Opening Comments

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by LubeOiler: <strong> In e-mails to people who have rear main oil seal leaks and want to use Auto-Rx® to try and stop them, we tell them to use non-synthetic oil to firm up the seal material after Auto-Rx® has cleansed it, as chemistry in non-synthetic...
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    synthetic and leaks

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by JohnBrowning: <strong> Kev99sl, It is fact not an opion that quality automotive polymers do not react to common automotive oil or or solvents reguardless of their group. If the gasket material reacts that mean that your automotive OEM used low...