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    Nu Finish old vs new

    I've applied the NuFinish to the shower glass in the past. Worked good there once you get the glass really clean.
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    Post your latest 2 stroke mix

    93 Octane E10, Amsoil Saber at roughly 50:1 with some Stabil added.
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    Toro requires 2 cycle oil with TCW, Is i necessary

    In my Toro CCR I run it at 50:1 along with all my other equipment. I'm not mixing different ratios, I use Amsoil Saber 100:1 oil which isn't TCW.
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    (Home) Garage Heater: Kerosene vs. Propane

    I use a 10k Kerosene in my partly insulated garage. After about an hour its comfortable to work so I preheat it before hand. It uses about a gallon per 10 hours. Mine is an Aladdin model from the 1980's, my dad used to run these in the house when oil was expensive back then. On a side note I...
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    ATS V oil filter selection

    I have a 2017 V. I used a PF63 last oil change as recommended. My V doesn't see any track days just normal spirited street driving. AC Delco filters have never given me an issue as my other car (3800) uses them and has 280k miles and runs great. I see no reason to search for another filter...
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    LED headlight for my snowblower.

    A capacitor would work not a resistor. No idea on how many uF though it's been too long since engineering days.
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    Favorite Air Tool Oil?

    I only use my air tools a few times a year. I've just added a couple of quirts of WD-40 when I remember and work it through. Been doing that for 20 years, seems to work just fine.
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    Nufinish Rapid Shine

    Magic Eraser removes NF stains from trim too.
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    B&S riding mower long filter short filter etc.

    I use a AC Delco filter on my BS Intek. It crosses with a 95 Dodge Neon filter, it's one inch longer than OEM.
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    My WordPress Website Spam

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mbacfp</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I have a contact us setup like that. Guess I can call my admin and see what they think. Appreciate the insight. </div></div> I do lots of web development including Wordpress. Let...
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    Corvette UA0 with Redline 5w30: High Lead

    It's hard to compare Mobil to Redline. As mentioned the Redline is an ester based oil with a high film strength (HTHS) and excellent cleaning abilities. There was a member here (Molecule?) that was an oil chemist that was very fond of Redline an normally recommended a weight drop from...
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    No hot start

    I had an issue with a 2 stroke snow thrower that would do the same thing....after much trouble shooting I discovered that the needle seat in the carb leaked when hot. To test if it's leaking fuel, shut it off and immediately try and restart it. In my case if I waited more than 2 minutes it won't...
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    89 octane in 2-stroke?

    I use 93 in my 2 strokes so I don't worry about the fuel sitting for a couple of months. I also mix it with Amsoil Saber @ 50:1 and a little added stabilizer.
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    Just ordered my 8th router in 2 years

    Lots of routers that get flakey after a few years is mainly the software. Try to hard reset it and go again, I'd bet it will work for a while. I been running a NetGear DD-WRT router setup for 7 years now, couple of minor hiccups but since the system is so open nothing a couple of shell scripts...
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    B&S engine question

    Probably need to adjust the lash on the valves.
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    shopping for a new video card.

    I prefer NVIDIA cards as they work with Linux without fuss. eBay can be a good source for older cards.
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    Samsung CLP-315W color laser printer

    I have the same printer and am on my 3rd set of toners. I mainly use it as an office printer so I haven't noticed the issues you mentioned. How many pages have you printed? This info is on the printers UI. I agree with a good cleaning might be in order. I did have an issue a few years ago where...
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    No spark B&S Intek 205cc

    I'd lean towards a bad ground before I'd believe that a point 2 thousands gap would be source of the no spark.
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    My NAS solution, looking to revamp

    I use freenas and have been for the past 6 years or so. I backup my office (windows & linux) and also my remote servers over the internet. I does the job and has not given me any issues. A few years ago I had a hardware failure (old) and I popped the drives out and put them in a new(er) machine...
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    Who offers reliable yet inexpensive web hosting?

    At the end of the day it depends on what your looking for. I get lots of calls with problems on some of the lower end hosting services. Some deal with speed issues, some are due to hacks since they're shared hosts and others are limitations with the low cost plans. If someone here needs hosting...