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    Is "Overlanding" a thing in your area yet?

    I've seen one Gladiator around here decked out like that. It was in a mall parking lot. He wasn't living in the vehicle ASAIK :cool:
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    tire inflators with automatic shut off?

    I bought an inexpensive one through Amazon that does that. Set the pressure I want and it does the rest.
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    Another GR86 blown and warranty denied

    Racing results in warranty invalidation. Subaru has been known to have photographers and investigators at track events. No racing. (I admit to autocrossing my VW GTI, but that is much slower and not head to head racing. Basically never leave second gear and come nowhere near the tachometer...
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    Tesla in line for gasoline at Costco

    I saw one at the gas pumps at the local Exxon. I asked the owner when she came out of the store part. We laughed. She gets a pass though, the tanker was there and took up a lot of space filling the station tanks and there was no other place to park. She had been inside to buy something but...
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    Texas about to do away with auto inspections

    Like most things like that: nothing. If I leave SC where there is no inspection and no sticker and drive to PA or anyplace requiring inspections and stickers, or to a "pass by sniffer state", no fine for me.
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    Texas about to do away with auto inspections

    SC stopped this decades ago, it was a simple all the lights and signals and brakes work? If so, that was good for a sticker. Now the officer can check these if she/wants. Most of the time they'll stop you for lights not used or working. But that's because they are looking for something else...
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    Post your Gas Mileage : Calculated

    Today: VW '17 VW GTI, 2.0 303 miles/10.7 gallons: 28.31 mpg in combination a lot of around town and some highway driving since last fillup.
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    Average new car price is $50K ? Insanity.

    A lot of us joint care and don't need to impress anyone outside of the exam or operating room.
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    Upon which automotive hill will you die?

    I'm somewhere between a crumudgeon (2007 Grand Cherokee) and liking more modern things like my GTI. 🏁 :)
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    Upon which automotive hill will you die?

    Only when all the fun of driving is gone. I doubt I'll ever have an electric car but from what I've seen and read, there are going to be some fun ones. From Teslas, VW, Ford, and from projections the next Chargers and Challengers (or another name if they choose), from Dodge.
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    Average new car price is $50K ? Insanity.

    My son is a lawyer and he drives a Lexus. But it is 5-8 years old with 180,000 on the odometer. Nice car and noone know or cars about its age or mileage. This idea of showing success is great among lawyers and real estate agents. I'm a physician and couldn't care less. My best conversations...
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    Ford CEO Farley making the tough decisions

    I've read that the average new car buyer buys 5 to 6 cars in their lifetime. By the time they want or need another, all the people they dealt with before are gone, and often the dealership. The dealers know this so there is no incentive to keep long term customers happy. And "brand loyalty" is...
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    Ford CEO Farley making the tough decisions

    I will never forget how I was treated at several Ford dealerships and the quality of the vehicle. That was in only Ford in my past and there won't be one in my future.
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    Not so happy with Lincoln.

    These are global companies, even GM (which is already Chinese) and Ford and Stellantis (Belgian headquarters although some of their North Amecan vehicles are made in USA and or Canada, with many parts made in Mexico (including all those HEMIs (at least the 5.7s). The other thing to keep in...
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    Mix 5W-30 and 0W-20

    Now you have the latest 2.5W-25. Noone else has that.
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    Keeping it Cool

    Came to the redneck in a dream: "I have the generator and that window A/C unit and this old car" Of Course: make them into one!
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    5k OCI Overkill: M1 EP vs Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

    This is not a direct comparison. 10,000 miles or one year is recommended for my VW GTI. Only I get about 7000 miles per year on it and do it then. Of course, that is a turbocharged DI engine. I think you are find going more miles between oil changes than 5000 for good care of your Civic and...
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    Do you have factory or aftermarket sound equipment in your vehicles?

    My 2007 Grand Cherokee was built with a Boston Acoustics speakers, sub and amp system. It is more than adequate. The standard system in my 2017 VW GTI seems fine. I use that one a lot more than the Jeep for long distance, which is the only time I listen. With Apple Car Play, I plug in my phone...
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    AMERICANS keeping their cars longer

    But there are hidden costs to picking up the quarter: biggest being personal injury when the back disc gives way or your knee pops or, heaven forbid) you fall over and hit your head on the concrete.