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    sawed off 12 gauge with a pistol grip

    Mossberg 500 or 590 can be had for relatively little cash, and work fine. Big improvement is to add one of the Knoxx/Blackhawk recoil absorbing " Breacher " grips, they actually work and make even shooting slugs or buckshot fun as opposed to somewhat less than fun with a solid grip. For...
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    Hollow Base Wadcutter

    Several of us tried exactly that in an effort to slay evil bowling pins . Both the hollow base and standard bullets backwards . We found that this seems to increase pressures a bit , nothing really excessive with mid range loads , but max loads would likely not be a good idea . Revolvers...
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    Chromed Bore Cleaning

    Avoid anything that contains alot of ammonia - such as Sweets 7.62 Etc. ( this is good stuff for copper fouling in unplated barrels ) I'm not sure what concentration of ammonia is safe . Butches bore shine seems to be fine for general cleaning of chrome bores , but may not be a good thing to...
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    Home defense shotguns

    Seriously , just turn it on when actively engaging the problem . Assuming that the light is attatched to the shotgun - think of it as an auxilary aiming device ... As well as something that will render night adapted vision utterly useless for several min, even in dim light it's hard to see...
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    Home defense shotguns

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: andrewg</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: CITYSLICKER</div><div class="ubbcode-body">take a good look at the Mossberg 590's - they...
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    Home defense shotguns

    BTW - The Knox recoil reducing stocks actually work .
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    Home defense shotguns

    take a good look at the Mossberg 590's - they get smoother with use and I doubt you can wear one out . Solid and reliable . Get the standard sights and stick on a fiber optic bead - the green one from Tru-glo is about $15 . Consider a light - assuming you can't see in the dark ... Mossbergs...
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    How do you like the Wolf primers ? Any comparisons to Win. or Fed. stuff ? Just curious . BTW the Wolf 12Ga. slugs are a bargain - good stuff .
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    Ammo Shortage Abating for Anyone?

    IMHO the aluminum case blazer is fine for practice .
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    Opinions needed

    G17 is very good - great mag availability ( except just recently which seems to be getting better ) No personal experience with P95 , but my son's P89 is virtually unstoppable even when very dirty ...
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    best way to clean a .22 lr

    Bore snake works pretty well on the residue left by the copper plated 22's , has a brush built in and seems to get the chamber clean enough . I usually use mine with no solvent . I don't shoot plain lead very often just because it's messier. The Aguila copper plated hyper velocity is pretty...
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    Ammo storage life

    Just as information , silica gel is available in bulk at art&craft stores - used to dry flowers . About $16/LB last time I bought some . The catch is that it's ground very fine . Works great , recharge in your oven .
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    Trying a new gun lube, Aeroshell Fluid 18

    I don't mean that in a snotty and obnoxious way , like the way it probably came across ... Sorry . I just like the thicker stuff , especially in the warmer weather .
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    Ammo storage life

    15 years is practically new ...
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    Trying a new gun lube, Aeroshell Fluid 18

    Too thin for me ! Unless I was planning an arctic expedition ...
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    Ammo Shortage Abating for Anyone?

    At least temporarily things seem a little better in my neck of the woods ( KC ). YMMV ...
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    Syn. motor oil as a gun lubricant

    Synthetic motor oil works pretty well . You could lube a Glock with earwax and it would still run .
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    M1A and Garand Grease....Plastilube vs. Lubriplate

    IIRC there are several Lubriplate products available , not all the same .
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    1911's, gun reviews-ugh!

    Almost forgot to mention that STI is marketing a singlestack , I have not actually seen one yet , but might be something worth considering .
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    1911's, gun reviews-ugh!

    Nothing runs well with bad mags - Wilson 8 rounders typically work very well . Of the 1911's available I would say that .45 cal singlestack 5" configuration is probably the least likely to have problems if built well . Really short barreled 1911's seem be more tempramental . Hi-cap 1911's...