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    Hemi Cam/Lifters - Best Oil?

    In the winter I stick to the 5w20 sort for ease of starting. But in the summer I run Rotella T6 5w30 with a good dose of MOS2 for moly. I also have a good buddy who's a wrench for a Dodge dealership. I personally think the OLM on our trucks is set for too long an interval. My buddy said use...
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    High oil temp while towing: need more PAO/Ester, or more viscosity?

    I have a Hemi Ram and it has a spec for 5W-20. But in the manual it also states that 5W-30 is also acceptable. I also tow my travel trailer quite regularly and I'm in a valley so I have a bunch of steep hills to climb out of when we go anywhere. I run the Rotella 5W-30 T6 with no issues. A...
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    Shell Rotella T6 5W-30 Multi

    I also use it in my Ram 5.7. I like to tow in the summer and we are in a valley so everything us uphill so a stout oil for me is a must. As for the moly I "Dope" it with a good slug of the MOS2. I think I have a very good stout oil for the summer with this mix. And as for ease of purchase I...
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    New engine oil I may be overthinking.

    If you notice Canadian Tire always alternates it's synthetic oils on sale. One week it will be Mobil, then Pennzoil, then Castrol then there Formula (Shell) brands. It goes to about 30 bucks a jug so when I'm down to one jug left, I'll go in a buy a box of three. Any over the counter...
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    15w40 for 99 vortec 350 4x4?

    I also have a 99 Suburban with 285 Kilometers. Runs excellent. Just fixed a couple of oil leaks. I live in the interior of BC so my temps in the summer average 37 degrees. I also tow my trailer with it and with the high temps, I also run the Rotella 5W-40. No issues. Purrs and runs smooth...
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    Klondike Synthetic ATF

    It looks like they are based in Langley. I believe NAPA is carrying their line, well the ATF for sure. Still hoping that someone has some experience with their product.
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    Klondike Synthetic ATF

    It is sold by NAPA and its a Universal so it meets a variety of specs, including the SP-III. And the price was way good. $6.99 for individual liters and $5.99 a liter is purchased in boxes of 12.
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    Klondike Synthetic ATF

    Nice......and chocolate fudge for a boost!!!!! They state they cater to mostly heavy duty outfits but do have some light duty stuff as well. Never heard of them before so very curious.
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    Klondike Synthetic ATF

    The time is nearing for a dump and fill of my tranny on my 06 Sorento. Specs call for SP-III so the last time I got a great deal on some Wolfshead Universal Syn ATF and it has been great. Transfer case also calls for ATF so I always get a couple extra for that. No complaints. Shifting is...
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    Castrol Edge with Syntec, 5W-30 SN,what u think?

    I have crossing the border and picking up Mobil 5w30 HM for my Sunfire (235000 kms) and Mobil 1 5w30 for my Sorento (106000 kms). Even at 28 bucks for 5 liters, excellent buy over ours at 48 bucks. However, in the Costco today, they had 6 liter boxes of Castrol Edge Syntec for 32 bucks. A...
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    Mobil-1 5W30 HM

    Just jumped the boarder and bought some. I heard that it was very good with a very stout add pack. Do we have a virgin analysis on it?
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    Best oil to alleviate excessive carbon build up

    Unfortunately, changing the oil may help some, but this is as you might call a design flaw with DI engines. Using a low volitile oil will help some, but you will always have some "oily Vapour" come through the crankcase to the intake via the PCV system. You just cant avoid it. A catch can...
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    Ford's New Twin-Turbo Police Interceptor>?

    That's funny. That Lambo was donated to the police. No way you gonna have a fleet of those things. They are just PR cars, no way those things see actual service. I also don't know the pricing for it, but no agency is gonna fork over 25K for a car. The current CVPI came in at just over 21K...
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    Ford's New Twin-Turbo Police Interceptor>?

    Well, being a COP, I can tell you a few things. Turbo applications don't work for police. We were given a Turbo Volvo for a while and it didn't work. Too much LAG and we don't maintain vehicles enough let alone with Turbo. Get if fixed, get it fast and get it cheap. With all that stop, go...
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    Pennzoil Ultra or Pennzoil Platinum?

    I have said it before, and I'll say it again. It comes down to love baby. I love my cars, both of them, and one is a 13 year old Sunfire. For my babies, only the best will do. If you love your car, ride, whatever you want to call it, five bucks is nothing. Is PP good.....Yup. Is Ultra...
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    SAE 90 GL5 gear oil suggestions.

    I too have an 06 Sorento but I have the 4wd, part time. I am also in the mood to change my diffs. I went to the dealership and asked. They had a current cross reference in regards to this question and they advised a 75W-90 Synthetic for the front and rear. The serive manager said that they...
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    My new "Franken-Fill"

    I think you hit it on the head. I just read the bottle of Redline, and it even says that it will lower the Coefficient of Friction inside of the engine. Even though it also has a load of ZDDP, I think that the Moly is giving it a more "Slippery" feel. I think that I am going to run it 50:50...
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    Look What ExxonMobil Sent Me...

    I did tne same a couple of year ago and they also sent a couple of stickers for under the hood that read: "Please fill with only Genuine Mobil 1" The sticker was black and had the Mobil 1 logo on it. I put one in each car and they look absolutley awsome.
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    My new "Franken-Fill"

    No Placebo. Just real word driveability. The vehicle feels different. Like I said, better throttle response especially in the upper rpms. Why is this Placebo? I didn't place any sugar tablets in my Sunfire, and gave my Kia Aspirin. That Placebo term is a wash!! If you feel a...
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    My new "Franken-Fill"

    I have never been a fan of mixing oils, however, after seeing a VOA of Redline, I figured that it would be a great additive to essentially "Dope" your current brand of oil. I recently did a change to my 97 Sunfire. I was a religious Mobil 1 addict, but jumped on the PP bandwagon. Both I think...