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    2008 Toyota Yaris M/T - Good deal or money pit?

    most older cars will have small issues that need addressing, for the price seems to be a good deal. I have 2007 Yaris a/t, 310,000 miles on it, burns no oil. Still use it commute and has been a very reliable vehicle since I’ve owned it ay 195,000 miles. Mine also has a low idle and sometimes...
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    Let’s talk about wear scar diameter.

    Thanks for the responses, interesting after ready your comments I looked at the product data sheet for cobalt and they list it as “load wear index scar”. Looking around I don’t see any other grease specs listing the load wear index scar. Even googling load wear index scar brings up very little...
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    Let’s talk about wear scar diameter.

    Hey guys I have been looking at the product data sheets of different greases and their specs, and something I discovered caught my eye with the 4 ball weld test and wear scar or astm d2596. When looking at valvoline cobalt data sheet they list their wear scar at 1.15mm which appears much...
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    Optrel -vs- ESAB welding helmets

    I have not used either of those however I’m sure both are decent helmets. I have used a Miller performance on and off for roughly 10 years and besides 2 buttons not working from me leaving it outside in the rain still works fine. My current shield is a Lincoln Viking I think 3350 with their 4c...
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    POR15 or other options

    A good powder coat Job very tough to remove and either needs to be mechanically or chemically removed with industrial grade paint stripper. I would recommend using phosphoric acid sold as rust oleum gel rust remover, metal prep and etch, also ospho is good to help dissolve some of the rust that...
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    Go to for buffer/grinder heads. ??

    My vote goes to lubriplate gr-132 or syn gr-132. After reading about what grease to use in angle grinder heads. I came across lubriplate and they specifically developed this grease for small electrical tool gear box’s...
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    Valvoline Syn. Grease 14oz tube

    Yup, I just had same issue with a new tube. I really wanted to like valvoline full synthetic grease but I just can’t get past how it seems dried out, out of a brand new tube. I’m sure it does lubricate but after switching to valvoline cobalt ,a lithium sulphonate base and when it touches a...
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    Trying to find a good marine grease for trailer bearings that work in cold temps

    I agree traveller marine and off road is a good choice. With a water washout of .5 which is less than paragon 3000 of .75%. It also has a pretty good 4 ball weld point and timken ok load. Plus it is reasonably priced at $6.50 and readily available if you have a local tsc.
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    Looking for new wheel bearing grease for boat trailer.

    Yeah interesting that the polyurea did the worst out of the group I listed. After looking up the specs on some other polyurea greases in comparison to Lucas oil xtra duty. Magnalube-g- 5% Mobil polyrex em nlgi 2 -1.9% It appears polyurea can be water resistant however Lucas xtra duty seems not...
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    Looking for new wheel bearing grease for boat trailer.

    After reading another thread I saw paragon 3000 recommended for its washout resistance of .65%.
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    Looking for new wheel bearing grease for boat trailer.

    I picked up a few tubes of the traveler marine grease today to try, I bought a case of Schaeffers 219 back in summer to try out. Schaeffers claims 800kg weld point but no timken load rating so next I tried using Valvoline cobalt which has a lithium sulphonate base with 800kg weld point along...