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    Longest OCI on this board!!!!!!

    I would trade her in for a new sister
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    What Oils do members really want to see tested?

    Would like to see.VAL syn 5w30. And the walmart syn 5w30. I hear that Valvoline. Makes all of walmarts oil. Kinda thinking that its got to be one of the big oil company's filling there bottles
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    Valvoline Engine Warrenty

    Seen empty bottles of it today. Heard they started filling the quarts a few days ago
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    Royal Purple XPR 0w-10 3005 02 Sentra SpecV 2.5L

    Wonder if that would work in a chevy 350?
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    Oil change grade ? help

    No advice i know better than that lol
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    Oil change grade ? help

    Car use to be a street car ran m1 5/30 and GC 0w30. Car is now full time drag car with a LT1 Stock. How often should i be changeing the oil?Any tips on the grade i should be running or just keep what i have been putting in there? .Also so getting ready to put a new rear end in with a spool what...
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    Castrol syntec 0w/30 first one .note wrong mile

    <img src="" alt="" /> Just note that car has 127000 miles on it.Wife put down the wrong mileage off of other car. Only oils this car has ever run is M1 5W30 and the Castrol SYN 0W30.Interesting is last change i found that only 3...
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    Anyone know if Blackstone is running behind?

    Sent mine sat got it yesterday
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    Motor Kote (works)

    Think ill run some this stuff in my old car with a fresh oil change for a month or so then send it in for a lab report see whats up.
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    Some Sunday afternoon entertainment,Motorkote!

    Id like to see more info on this stuff.Ive heard about it heard other drivers swearing by it.But whats the real deal