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    Toyota Oil Filters at Walmart?

    Price isn't the issue It's just that I get my oil there and would be more convenient grabbing a filter there as well Can never get parking at my local Toyo dealer and the nitwits behind the counter won't sell you a bottle of washer fluid without knowing your car's VIN 😒
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    Toyota Oil Filters at Walmart?

    Spotted these the last time I was picking up oil and was kinda curious if anyone here has confirmed that they're legit genuine Toyota or cheap knock-offs that have been floating around online?
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    FJ80 Land Cruisers

    Absolutely love mine :cool: Factory locked with over half a million miles on her Still drives like brand new
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    Rental 2021 Toyota CH-R

    Love the looks, but cvt kills it for me
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    TransMax Dex/Merc vs TransMax Import/Multi-Vehicle

    What exactly is the difference between these two? Both are spec'd for use in vehicles that require Dexron III (along with many others) My 97 Land Cruiser requires Dexron II/III, so the Dex/Merc will be fine, but then again, it is a Toyota, so what should I choose? The Import/Multi-Vehicle...
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    Bought the new 20,000 mile Supertech 0w20

    Went to pick up a jug today and the price jumped from $19 to $27 bucks :oops: The 10k versions that were $17 are now $19 Would've went with that, but plan on sending in a sample using the 20k when I hit 200k miles on my next interval
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    Took mom for a ride in the T/A lol

    I take her out in everything lol
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    Took mom for a ride in the T/A lol

    I don't have the video, but she went for a ride in my Road Runner ONCE (never again lol)
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    Corniest music video I have seen.

    Love this song, but the video is like ***
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    What things did your parents tell you that weren't true

    OMG I was just about to post this lol
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    360* video from Long Beach Boardwalk (watch in YouTube App for VR view on your Smart Phone or Tablet)
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    A few vids from the local trails
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    What does everyone on here do for a living?

    While here in NY, I work as an engineer rebuilding motors for trains, but I also own an auto repair/restoration shop in Orlando, so I travel back and forth frequently
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    Some some for a buck at Dollar Tree earlier today
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    What are you doing right now?

    Making mini me keychains
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    I used a universal rack for my Sondors Fold X It has 3 allen head bolts on the bottom of the frame for a bottle holder, but I prefer to just bungee cord a bottle to the rack.
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    I've ridden several Surface bikes (mainly the Rook) and they all had the same controller setup as my X3 Pro, which allows manual throttle as well as pedal assist. That being said, many bike rental outlets disable the hand throttle feature to avoid damage caused by user abuse (kids doing donuts...