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    Motorcycle oil frankenmix

    Hi all- I have a quart of leftover 10w40 suzuki motorcycle oil. Was thinking of mixing it with some 5w30 valvoline white bottle and 10w30 oil that came with my firman generator for use with all of my small engines. (toro timemaster mower, toro snowblower, generator) Any possible issues with...
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    Absolute best hand power drill made?

    I agree, in a rotary hammer, Hilti cannot be touched. We have several 20+ year old Hilti TE5's, 24's, and 75's, and theyre still going strong. In a standard cordless drill without a hammer function? Panasonic, all the way.
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    Absolute best hand power drill made?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Panasonic. I work for a general contractor, and we did a project replacing the boardwalks at Jones Beach in NY. We were driving 3 1/2" deck screws during the winter, over half a million of them. The only cordless impact driver that lasted was the Panasonic...
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    hydraulic fluid looks like used motor oil.....

    We have an old ('59 I think) Hyster H60 forklift at work. Hydraulic fluid leaks like a sieve when under load, and looks like used motor oil. We're going to change it, but what do these things take? Will a normal (AW46) hydraulic fluid be ok? Not sure if it doubles as tranny fluid, in which...
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    Wolf ammo

    How about the russian ammo from cabelas? Herters I think it's called
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    pistol safes

    Thanks everyone for all the input. I ended up ordering a Gardall "microwave" style safe, (MS912-G-CK) This size seemed perfect for my needs, as I only have one pistol at the moment, and it gives me room to expand with a few more, and also store some more stuff in it. I also decided I may as...
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    pistol safes

    Thanks Bill, I decided on it after looking for a while between it, the Glock 19, Springfield XD, and Ruger SR9. Defenitely the best choice I think. I know simple is always better, to be honest, the fingerprint safes make me a little uneasy. Although I'm sure most of the have a key backup.
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    pistol safes

    Just ordered my first gun, a S&W M&P 9mm full size. Looking around at all the pistol safes that are out there and wanted to see your guys opinions. Id like to get something big enough for 2 handguns, for something I will purchase eventually. Whats the opinions about the biometric fingerprint...
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    what oil for impact wrench hammercase?

    I do what ksJoe does, whatever is handy. Right now it's Mobil 1 ATF, because I had an extra quart that I'd never use otherwise. I think ANY type of lubrication for air tools is going to give it a long long life. I know plenty of mechanics that don't filter or regulate their air supply, and...
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    Schumacher Battery Chargers

    schumacher speedcharge chargers have desulfating ability...i was actually thinking about buying one of these. It seems they could take the place of a small battery tender to maintain a battery not used often, but still be used in engine start conditions.
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    Whats the longest you have gone on an ARX cleaning

    thanks guys. reason i ask is because auto rx recommends changing it at 3000 miles.
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    Whats the longest you have gone on an ARX cleaning

    I'm currently doing a cleaning on my brothers 02 diamante. I put one bottle of arx in with 15w-40 delo and a supertech filter. Changed the filter at 1500 miles. It's now at about 3300 miles total on the arx because he's too lazy to look and see when it's time to change. I can't really change...
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    wet clutches/brakes vs. dry clutches/brakes

    ok guys, I was never able to figure this out. Whats the advantages/disadvantages to wet clutches and brakes?? Or "oil bath" clutches or brakes? Why do heavy equipment have them? More weight capacity? Longer life? Cooler running I would imagine, but then why not use them on class 8 trucks...
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    good website for cross ref'ing filters? (ac delco)

    trying to see if i can get an ac delco oil filter for my 05 tacoma with the 4.0 v6. Wix filter is 51348.
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    Esso XD3 0W30 in 2005 Tacoma?

    I have the same truck, and would love to try that, or delo 0w-30. Can't easily get either of them around me though.
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    GL4 heavier than 75W-90???

    Does anyone make a GL4 heavier than 75W-90? Preferably synthetic? I have an 05 tacoma with the 6 speed that gets notchy at temperature, even with Amsoil MTG. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but I'd like to see if I can get the shifts a little more fluid. Now, toyota actually recommends GL4...
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    How many members use gloves?

    welding gloves for welding- tig gloves though, i hate the bulky thick ones leather, or knit with latex palm work gloves when handling tires and exhaust other than that nothing- i love it when my burgers taste like diesel
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    truck pride oil???

    it says ashland on the jug, so it's gotta be a valvoline product. doubt it's premium blue though. I'm sure it's fine
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    truck pride oil???

    Long Island Truck Parts carries "truck pride" oil for very good prices- a little over $9/gal. I know I can get Delvac at wal-mart for $10/gal, but I hate wal-mart. Id rather give Truck Parts the business. But, does anyone know who makes this oil??? It's CJ-4 rated, but I cant find out who...