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    living in the middle of nowhere?

    Fifty years ago I was in the Army at Ft.Hood. In my spare time I used to drive my 52 Dodge around Texas exploring. I drove thru small towns and didn't see anybody. I wondered the same thing. Where are all the people and do they do for a living.
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    Castrol Nexcel plug & play oil change

    oil change time 2 minutes, cost 200 bucks
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    I am too stupid /old at 62 to buy a new motorcycle

    I know a 89 year old guy that just bought a new Honda m/c with an automatic trans. You're not too old.
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    1997 Toyota Rav4 - Kreen and oil recommendations

    We have a 96 rav4 that we bought new that we keep in Florida. I personally have changed the oil every time since new. I have always used 10-30 like it says on the cap. At 99000 miles it uses a little oil between 3 to 4 thousand mile changes. Did have to replace pcv vslve to stop smoking at...
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    BITOG trends over the years...

    When I was young purple royal triton was the oil to get.
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    KIA and Honda 0 or 5/20

    Had a 04 kia sedona with 82000 miles that developed an engine problem. I did all oil changes. No records of any kind. Dealer never asked for any. Engine repaired at no cost under warranty. Problem was not oil related. When I limped in to dealership, they did take samples of the fluids.
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    Cost to service drum brakes?

    Good luck on your new adventure. I retired from drum brakes a few years ago. At 70 I can't deal with all those springs. The Kia I worked on had nine.
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    Toro Suzuki 4cycle Recycler

    I have one that I bought in 1987. Uses no oil and starts on the first pull. Had to have a cable replaced at a Toro dealer several years ago. He said that was really a sweet mower. He also said that was the best engine they ever used.
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    How to buy a Nissan Leaf for $12,280

    What makes you think that you will be able to buy the leaf at the list price? Some dealers are already talking about putting a big premium on the chevy volt.
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    Over 150 million copies

    How is MSFT ever going to die with 30 to 40 billion of cash on the balance sheet?
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    Name this flower

    I have some pink hollyhocks open as we speak.
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    NAPA fuel pump left me stranded.

    About ten years ago I had a fuel pump replaced on a Ford E150 van. The indy said we have to use an expensive Ford pump or you will have problems. He said they tried after market pumps and the cars always came back.
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    PCV System Question

    The PCV valve routes blow by gases from the crankcase to the intake to be burned. It's a closed system, I don't see where you think fresh air is coming in.
  14. O seek $16M recall penalty against Toyota

    Just as long as [political comment deleted] is treated the same way, I have no problem with this fine. Edit: Slick, take your political comments some place else.
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    Will An 1800 Watt Gas Generator Run Refridgerator

    I called GE several years ago and they said 3000 watts. You have starting spike plus the defrost heater might suck a lot.
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    what is this?

    Have somebody shut it off and see what is still live.
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    Vavoline Maxlife AFT will destroy me trans??

    I have a 04 Kia Sedona with the same requirement. I've used Max Life since 30000 miles. Now have almost 93000 miles. Trans works perfectly. I was told the same garbage. I went to the dealer to buy a quart of the specified fluid. They tried to sell me a bottle that said Kia Trans Fluid on...
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    ? on partial oil change

    How will get just a gallon?
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    60k oci...Look what I found

    BMW advertises free maintenance for 50k miles, I guess this guy didn't qualify.
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    2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

    1974 car of the year. Chevy Vega, what a rust bucket piece of [censored] that turned out to be.