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    Kendall W / Liquid Titanium?

    Thanks for all of the info. I am going to try the 15/40 in my 5.9 cummins. Can get it for 15.99 per gallon at flying J.
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    Kendall W / Liquid Titanium?

    Anyone have opinions on this oil? I am thinking of trying it.
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    Mobil 1 0-40w in a 2006 Ford 6.0L????

    What about the 5/40's for towing purposes? Anyone have an opinion?
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    Redline Diesel Additive

    Thanks for your posts. I used it in my 5.9 Cummins, and seems to be good. Never used Fleetguard, so may have to try it.
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    Redline Diesel Additive

    Anyone used this? And what is your take on it?
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    best synthetic gear oil??

    Royal Purple. It may not be the top choice of anyone here, but I use it with great results.
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    FP & LC in a new vehicle???

    It makes sense to use FP from the beginning for cleanliness. I may wait for the 3000 mile oil change to add the LC. I guess the engine needs to be broken in before using much of anything. Does anyone know if Mazda uses MC 5W/20 for factory fill?
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    FP & LC in a new vehicle???

    Thanks for the information. After the initial 1000-1500 miles, should the oil be changed before adding the LC?
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    FP & LC in a new vehicle???

    Just wanted to know if it is a bad thing to use FP and LC in a new vehicle. Just purchased a Mazda3 for my wife, and was wondering if it is not a good idea using the said products. I have had great results in prior vehicles with these products. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Fuel Power

    I broke down and bought one of the quart bottles of Lucas fuel treatment, used it, and then proceeded to refill it with FP. This is the bottle with the long spout on top with a small cap. Works great, and has measurments on the side. I wish LCD would make a bottle like it. It made it easy to...
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    Royal Purple gear oil, which weight?

    I have used RP 75W-90 in two different trucks. The first was a ford F-250 and called for 80W-90 in the differentials. The RP was much smoother, and eeked out 1 more MPG. The truck was used to tow a gooseneck horsetrailer (3-horse) and travel trailer. Four months ago I purchased a 1999 Dodge...
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    Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

    I put RP power steering fluid in two different trucks that had noisy pumps, and that were very cold-blooded in the winter. It quieted them down completly, and the cold weather does not affect the pumps anymore. Have been completly satisfied. I think you need to replace it now, and then run it...
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    Need advice on Royal Purple MaxGear 75w90

    I have used Max Gear in two separate vehicles that called for friction modifier, and never needed any extra. Max Gear works great. In cold weather it flows much better that the dino fluids.
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    Re: Auto-Rx and Lubrication

    Thanks for all of the info. I was just worried because I tow a gooseneck horse trailer. I wanted to make sure it would not create a problem.
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    Re: Auto-Rx and Lubrication

    I am about to do an auto-rx treatment on a dodge diesel truck. I am concerned about lubrication and towing during the cycle. Will it be a bad thing to tow during the treatment? Any help would be much appreciated! <img border="0" alt="[I dont know]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/dunno.gif" />
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    15W40 Test by Schaeffers

    So from best to worst, list the oils based on the results you expected. ??????????
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    Schaeffer Tests-15W40

    So, based on what results you expected, list the best of the tested oils.
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    Cleaning & Replacement of differential fluid

    I want to get everything I can out. It seems that brake cleaner has been mentioned. I know it evaporates, but does it leave residue? That is the question for the experts. I am currently purchasing some auto-rx for two vehicles, should I buy more and use this instead?
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    Cleaning & Replacement of differential fluid

    Thanks. I want to get all of the junk out before I put the new fluid in. <img border="0" alt="[Burnout]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/burnout.gif" />
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    Cleaning & Replacement of differential fluid

    What is the best thing to clean out the differential before replacing the fluid? Any info would be appreciated. <img border="0" alt="[stretch]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/gr_stretch.gif" />