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    Residual oil

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Residual oil

    Well the plug normally is removed. Due to health reasons I couldn’t. I guess you enjoyed throwing insults, so run along the adults are talking here.
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    Residual oil

    How much residual oil are you comfortable with at an oil change? I used a mityvac on my last oil change on my 2007 FJ Cruiser. It take 5.5 quarts. I refiled with a five quart jug and rain it about a minute or so. I had approx 3-4 ounces of residual oil by judging the level on the dipstick. I’ve...
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    2017 4Runner 50k ATF change. Toyota WS or Maxlife?

    On our FJ Cruiser I used Toyota WS. On the Tacoma I used Maxlife. No diff noticed in either. However, on a Lexus board I seen a thread where several Lexus owners stated they did not like Maxlife, Something the way their's shifted. Some stated they want back to the WS and were happy. Would...
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    Running a two stroke at 60:1 or 70:1

    Thanks for everyone that replied. I'll give Husqvarna XP+ a try.
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    Running a two stroke at 60:1 or 70:1

    So I bought a Sthil gas leaf blower. The exhaust is out out in front so you kind of walk into to it. I ran it a few minutes using Echo Red Armor as that's what I had, but it left me stinking like exhaust. Maybe use what I already have and go with a 60:1 or 70:1 mix? I'm not going going...
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    Craftsman 32cc 4 cycle leaf blower issues.

    A few years ago I bought a Craftsman 2 cycle leaf blower. It became increasingly difficult to start. Finally I took the carb apart and didn't find any trash anywhere. It runs pretty much like the one in the videos. The only replacement carburetor is OEM and is $70.00. Stopped by the local...
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    Moly Grease for Dana/Spicer U Joints?

    Around 2016 I replaced the three ujoints on my Tacoma I read just about everything I could find about the "best" grease. I ended up using Redline CV-2 grease with moly. Redline states it can be used. After about two years in 2019 the rear joint failed. I'm not sure why it failed, but appears...
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    Long Idle time, new OCI?

    At the end of the third week I'd change the oil and get an analysis on it then adjust from there. That's just me.
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    OEM/OE vs Aftermarket parts

    I bought a belt tensioner kit from Rock Auto for my 2006 tacoma. It had the tensioner, idlers, and belt. The brand was Continental. The Belt was Continental, the tension was exactly like OEM, but had some of the OEM numbers milled off other numbers were the same, and the idlers were Koyo...
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    Are metal flakes in filterless engines expected?

    New Champion generator with a 459cc engine, with no filter, I expected the oil to have metal flakes and changed the oil after about a minute or two. I've done this with 5 other generators and the oil always had a lot of flakes. What I've always done is run the unit a couple of minutes and...
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    Is Mobile 15w40 a good choice for generators?

    To late hair already fell out.
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    Is Mobile 15w40 a good choice for generators?

    This is the oil weights Champion recommends. Buried in the OM it states synthetic can be used after break in, but didn't mention it can be used during break in, what's up with that?. The new generator is their tri fuel unit with a 459cc engine. I only had time to unbox it and run it a minute...
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    Extension Cords

    I bought two 12 gauge 100ft yellow jackets about 25 years ago that only were used for power outages during hurricanes, about 15 times total. After all this time they are about as flexible as when I bought them unlike others that are hardened and stiff with age.
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    Overfill jerrycan?

    I filled one close to the fill neck. Went to use the fuel and when I opened it that dam thing sprayed me good. Limit it to five gallons.
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    Looking for first person story: My warranty denied because of oil used

    I always wonder say the engine gave up a piston and there is a hole in the cylinder wall and all the coolant ended up in the pan. What is an oil sample analysis going to do? Or would they eve send in a sample?
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    Buying a used car: How to detect excessive oil consumption?

    Put the car in drive and apply the brake, or the emergency brake, even put the AC on. Let the car idle at the lowest possible RPM for about 15 minutes or more. The engine vacuum will be at it's highest. If there are worn valve seals it will probably pull oil in and smoke. Possible if the...
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    Oil to the top on cold start

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    How often do you change spark plugs?

    IDK. The vehicles seem to run fine. Out side of the warranty the only work i remember both having are the front brakes, PS fluid, transmission fluid(at approx 125L miles on both) , coolant, diff fluid, head lights, Evaporator on the FJ, and 2 bad ujoints (one original and the second the...
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    How often do you change spark plugs?

    2006 tacoma V6 with 125K miles and plugs have never been changed. 2007 FJ Cruiser with 150K mile and never been changed.