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    Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W50 from 2016, safe to use?

    Change it. Depending on the conditions where the cycle sat, there’s 5 years worth of condensation moisture in your cases, and in the oil, along with the combustion byproducts from those miles 5 years ago, or whenever you put those miles on. If you did three 450 mile days, or 700 2-mile trips...
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    Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W50 from 2016, safe to use?

    Shelf life of oil? It’s oil. From dead dinosaurs. Plus some additive chemicals that are suspended/encased . . . in oil. Shake before pouring, if doing so provides greater confidence. It should be OK in a Harley for the next few million years.
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    I went with a Duracell. Jump starter put to test.

    The E-P Duracells are all that I've put into my cars for the past 10+ years. Never had a failure, but I get nervous about them after 6 or 7 years, and just replace them then. I haven't had to use my jump packs on any of my own car batteries---the neighbor's car/battery is a different matter.
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    New Toyota CAF @ 26k miles

    Color difference is likely not an indicator of the OE's dirtiness. Your Venza's factory filter had activated carbon impregnated into it to reduce odors in the cabin. The replacement filter plainly lacks the activated carbon feature.
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    Blizzak WS90

    I've been happy with both General Altimax Arctics, and the current Altimax Arctic 12 (in your size on my current '20 Camry LE). You also can't go wrong with a Nokian snow tire, either---their "Nordman" lines are their re-labelled, previous-generation top tires, at much lower price points. I...
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    12% are paying $1,000+ a month for car loans ...

    I assume that financial geniuses are bundling and securitizing car loans, and selling them with AAA ratings from the ratings outfits. "Car-loan-backed securities are a financial goldmine!! Get in while you can!!!"
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    cars with high mileage

    Current fleet: 2002 Toyota Camry: 2.4 liter, 4-cyl; 325K miles 1995 Dodge Dakota; 3.9 liter, 6-cyl; 249K miles 2011 Toyota Highlander; 2.7 liter, 4-cyl; 202K miles 2010 Hyundai Sonata; 2.4 liter; 134K miles All engines, transmissions, and final drives are original and un-rebuilt. The Camry...
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    Mobil V Twin Vs Castrol V Twin

    Last time I looked, Mobil 1 V-Twin is SG-rated, vs. Castrol's SL rating, if the higher level of ZDDP anti-wear additive allowed in SG-rated oils, matters for your application.
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    Do you use a reminder sticker when you do your own oil change?

    I have several vehicles, so I use a Dymo label-maker, and change the date/mileage of last change, last replacement, etc., with location on the car depending on the part or fluid. For frequently-changed bits, I jot the info onto the label tape (outdoor-duty type) with a Sharpie, remove it with a...
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    Brake Rotor Weight

    Generally, when converting kinetic energy to heat, a more massive heat sink (the rotor) would be able to take on more heat than a less massive one, but, obviously, there are other factors that affect stopping performance.
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    Toyotas and battery corrosion

    I use Duracell batteries (East Penn) from Sam's Club in all three of my Toyotas---no terminal corrosion ever, and I look.
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    Any specific type and brand of oil to prevent oil burning (00 corolla with worn piston rings)

    Your engine is likely just worn out. You can keep pouring oil into it, but its ring and piston wear, and oil-burning will only get worse. Your Corolla does not have the same problem with piston ring land design and manufacturing deficiencies that the '07-09 2AZ-FE engine had, and is not...
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    What was really weird was that there were identical bottles of Peak OET Asian Blue 50/50 in a nearby aisle for $35/gallon, while mine did ring up at the $9.97/gallon rollback price. Sometimes the gods of retailing bureaucracy dysfunction smile on me.
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    FWIW---Yesterday, I found Peak OET Asian Blue 50/50 on clearance/rollback at my local Wal-Mart for $9.99/gallon. My '10 Hyundai Sonata uses blue, rather than the Asian Green, coolant, so I added a gallon to my coolant stockpile.
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    Engine Mounts/Motor Mounts ?

    OEM may be expensive, but, in my limited experience, if you want the same absence of vibration that you had when your OE mounts were newer, you should cough up for the OEM pieces. Aftermarket items can look the same, but it must be difficult for them to reverse-engineer the NVH work of the...
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    Changing filter on a Toyota

    I have three Toyotas, but only one with a cartridge filter (2011 Highlander 2.7), and I do all of their oil changes. 1. I've never bothered with the drain plug, or the little plastic widget that's included with the new filter to drain the filter before removal. One of the few upsides to the...
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    Burning rate in various stages of one OCI

    Are you sure that you're not over-filling it, and it's pushing a lot of vapor into the crankcase vent system?
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    What is the absolute best mainstream full synthetic oil?

    Stand by---it's still pretty early in the year for these nominations.
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    Your favorite YT show or channel? (no repair DIY channels please)

    South Main Auto channel; Hagerty stuff.
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    How long do work trucks last

    A timely Krown rustproofing application would've helped, and may still help what hasn't already rotted, but the layer of typical undercoating may limit the usefulness of Krown, too.