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    What are you working on today?

    Yesterday I did my service on a JD 3025 tractor. Engine oil/filter, fuel filters, Air Filter, Hydraulic oil change and two hydraulic filters. Today I'm installing an OEM trailer brake controller on my RAM 1500.
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    1983 Suzuki GS1000G

    Nice Bike, Mine is the prior generation.
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    Dayco molded lower radiator hose poor quality

    Well they got it partially correct. Unfortnately in our world now 80% is good enough.
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    Educate me on Home Propane Gas Service - Please

    This right here We bought our own 1000 gallon tank in 2005 (used $1100), it paid for itself the first year with the savings from being able to shop the free market for the best price. Our original supplier was gouging the crap out of us on price (Hoosier, which then became Suburban) . They sent...
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    How to test a lithium coin battery

    I'd go pull the data sheet for your P/N. You need to apply a load and monitor the voltage. See an example below, A quick test would be the pulse drain in the lower right of the page.
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    Quality ammeter.

    Out of curiosity, What % of reading variation did you see when moving the wire and what current were you measuring? I just bought a Fluke 325, after messing around with a cheap Sperry from Menards for several years. The Sperry was fine for rough checks of DC current. I didn't expect much and...
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    ATV/wet clutch oil opinions

    I'd suggest Rotella 15W-40 or 15W-40 semi synthetic. The 5W-40 shears down pretty quickly according to UOAs posted. My Grizzly turns 20 this year, its all I've ever used in it.
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    Douglas aircraft at the Long Beach, CA plant

    Sadly I think it's all gone now. I was there in 2002 for the B717 program, mostly bolting together sub-assys, C-17s were being built across the runway. There were a lot of empty buildings then, and weeds growing up through cracks in the concrete. In the main engineering building there were...
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    Can a motorcycle tire be repaired?

    I have in the past, but only on the rear. Yamaha FZ1 sport bike. The hole was in a repairable area and only took a single strand of the plug. It lasted until the tire was worn out. It took a while for me to trust that it would hold, so I checked the pressure more frequently than I normally do.
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    Bought a cheap 9mm pistol

    Yea, I have a CZ75 that is likely going back for failure to fully return to battery, what a disappointment. Only pistol I have that does that.
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    Bought a cheap 9mm pistol

    The last two pistols I have purchased were made in Turkey A SAR K-12 Sport and a Girsan MCP-35, no issues with either
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    Put deposit for an MK8 Golf R today

    I really wish VW would bring back the 2 door GTI and Golf R.
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    RIP David Crosby

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    For those in the Midwest: How did your battery do over the cold snap?

    5 year old OEM battery in my wife's 2017 Wrangler died suddenly, I suspect a broken buss bar inside, wouldn't support a load. Replaced it with a NAPA battery. I don't know that it had much to do with the cold. Hot snaps will kill them too.
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    Electrical issue killing engine

    I had a 96 GMC that would shut down intermittently. It turned out to be a large red wire running across the core support going directly to the ECU from the battery, Loose / corroded connection.
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    Future vintage car: EFI or carbs better?

    I'd go EFI and buy spares while you can still get them. Prior experience with HD's orphaned Magnetti Marelli system where parts are becoming scarce.
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    Kawasaki UTV oil

    I've used both the Rotella and the Valvoline over the years.
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    Cars that should not be a 4 door.

    Not a big fan of 4 doors here. Can't even get a GTI in a 2-door, so I bought a Mini-cooper S 2 years ago and never looked back. I understand the sales numbers drive this, so stop buying the **** things :)