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    Does the parking brake help preserve an AT?

    Some (possibly many) states have laws requiring the parking brake to be used if the vehicle is parked on a public street or in a parking lot that the public has access to. Read your owners manual. If you didn't learn this in drivers ed, then you should take a refresher course. In some rare cases...
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    Change oil Hot or Cold?

    It appears that many people are overlooking the final step in an oil change. The final step is restarting the engine with a filter that is not full. I much prefer to start the engine while it is still hot and there is still the greatest amount of warm oil covering all moving parts.
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    Can 9007 be Improved?

    A headlight harness is the best first step. You can play with different bulbs after that. I got one from GOS Racing. It has two leads with fusable links for the connection at the battery. They list it for ford trucks but it will work for anything with 9007 bulbs.
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    Sheepskin Seat Covers: Must Have or Mostly Hype?

    Warm in winter, cool(er) in summer. Just plain more comfortable regardless of season. I'm not selling anything. Never tried the fake stuff. I've had some where the wool was trimmed fairly short. The longer wool is better for temperature issues. I've had white and dark brown. It's all good. The...
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    Wheel Lock: No Torque Wrench?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> locking wheel nut should be tightened last and unscrewed first. <hr /></blockquote> That's what I have always done. Not quite as tight as the others.
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    Any experienced tire shop guys here?

    Many people just use a ratchet strap.
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    OEM "Traction B" Bridgestone Insignia Tires

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> And what does that size have to do with the cr ap py traction of the bridgestone tire in question. <hr /></blockquote> <a href="" target="_blank">straight from gm</a> gm can explain...
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    OEM "Traction B" Bridgestone Insignia Tires

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> [ If you look at brigdstones site you will see that tire in that size was made just for the malibu. Blame GM. They had much to do with the specs. <hr /></blockquote> These tires are used as OEM for Toyota Corolla also. I guess that's GM's doing as well? <img...
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    Dueler Revos

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> One would then expect the Revos to be severe snow rated, which they weren't the last time that I checked. It's more than just a feel good rating around here, as it will determine if you need additional traction devices in some situations. <hr /></blockquote> The...
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    Anyone here have their tires Siped?? Was wondering

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> It may void your tire warranty as well. <hr /></blockquote> "May"? A bit of an understatement, IMO. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> <hr /></blockquote> You can read statements from goodyear and bridgestone if you go...
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    OEM "Traction B" Bridgestone Insignia Tires

    It is not designed for better tire mileage. If you look at brigdstones site you will see that tire in that size was made just for the malibu. Blame GM. They had much to do with the specs.
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    Oversized oil filter on a Jeep 4.0..

    There is plenty of room for a MC FL1A on the wifes 01 GC and on her past 94 GC.
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    Oil Trivia

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    Sleet / Thin Ice on Road, What PSI for Traction?

    When you walk on ice, or snow, or any slippery hard surface; Do you walk on your tippy toes or do you walk flat footed trying to put as much sole in contact with the "road" as possible?
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    Bridgestone Dueler Alenza or Michelin LTX M/S?

    The LTX M/S was really good in it's day. Newer tires like the Alenza will have more traction on wet roads.
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    "Temporary" or Hack Repairs, 'Fess Up!

    Years ago I bought a van and the air filter housing was in the back of the van because it was broken. The used car salesman assured me that it had not be driven for very long with no air filter. As a temporary measure, to keep large airborne <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/ufo.gif" alt="" />...
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    Tire Pressure and Suspension Component Wear

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Most of us here seem to agree that, within reason (< Max Cold PSI on SW), higher tire pressue give benefits such as better handling, better wear, better traction in rain, etc, <hr /></blockquote> I don't agree with any of that. OK, in some cases better wear. The tire...
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    Kumho "Tire Tips" says to overinflate for long trips & more...

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> "Extended driving, overinflate by 4psi" ...discuss among yourselves. <hr /></blockquote> I believe that would be for "high speed" driving when approaching the maximum speed of the tire. I'm not finding this "4 psi" on the kumho web site. The only think I found at...
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    Car Tire on Motorcycle

    Did/do you experiment with different pressures? What range works?
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    HOORAY!!! SMART Car to be sold in USA!

    Any heavier car is going to knock the smart around like a pinball IF an accident happens. <a href="" target="_blank">leftlanenews video</a> Ok this link works.