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    Post your latest oil change

    1996 Mustang GT Redline 10W30 Motorcraft Filter 1987 Ford Ranger X-Cab 4x4 Castrol High Mileage 10W30 Bosch Filter 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Redline 10W40 Napa Gold Filter 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Redline 10W30 Napa Gold Filter
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    Redline carries no API cert, I use Redline oil it's a great oil in my opinion. Most blends of Amsoil and Royal Purple carry no API cert. These are great oils in my opinion as well. I would have no hesitancy in using any of the so called 'boutique' oils in any of my vehicles. If their is any...
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    Reason NOT to use Amsoil

    As none of my vehicles are new I would have no issue using Amsoil, or Redline for that matter. If I were to have a new vehicle, to avoid any issues or questions I would use an oil that satisfied the Mfg. requirements, and change it within the Mfg. specified requirement. Their is a mountain of...
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    need advice quickly - blown engine

    You have my sympathies...About 3 weeks ago I purchased my buddies 75 Corvette. Like yours mine is a low mileage original. As the car sat alot I have had to rebuild the brake system. Had a caliper and hose leaking, replaced and still couldn't bleed the air out. We replaced the master cylinder...
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    I wouldnt push dino past 5k..ideas?

    I could see running dino less than 5k, if I had a known sludger engine...Time of year (weather), and conditions of driving city vs hwy, could also affect my decision. I also believe that bulk oils used in quick lube shops may not be of the quality as a store bought oil. Of course I wouldn't...
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    GF-4 Standard vs Ultra - Seq IIIG

    Somebody school me here on those pics....I am talking real life conditions though. In piston #2 we see the crud in the ring lands, and also on the piston body. In real life what would switching to Redline do to piston #2? Is it over time going to clean it to near like conditions as piston #1, or...
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    Fords are boring!

    Some of the older modulars originally specd for 5w-30 were back spec'd to use 20 weight. I believe the newer Shelby's run a 50 weight
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    Fords are boring!

    Boring!! My 4v Cobra and 2v GT take offense to that remark!
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    For carbureted engine MMO or Techron

    Didn't know if the Techron being stronger would damage any seals/o-rings in the carb system.
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    For carbureted engine MMO or Techron

    Any harm in using Techron in the fuel system of my 75 Corvette which is carbureted? Just asking as it's a stronger cleaner, and would possibly clean things up faster. Then use the MMO to keep it clean. Was thinking of 1 or 2 tanks with Techron than a steady maintenance dose of the MMO.
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    this antique was way ahead of its time

    Yes the movie was fantastic...Jeff Bridges in any role is hard to beat...Yah gotta love 'The Dude'
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    Brake failure on my 75 Corvette

    So the brakes were getting softer and softer, till the point the brake warning light came on. The vehicle had new parts installed in 07. After inspection I discovered the front driver side caliper leaking fluid. I replaced the caliper, and bleeded the entire system. The entire brake system was...
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    Dog Caused Oil Disaster

    The [censored] dog did it...As dogs seem to like antifreeze, perhaps its time to let it drain into a container as well...Just Kidding animal lovers.
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    MMO - I'm a believer!

    I'm tempted to try this in my ranger...But I just couldn't put it in the Mustangs/Corvette. Drew, MMO seems to do something, and I cannot label it as a snakeoil. I know some will say that though. It's a time proven additive in my book. So when are you going to pour it in the GT:)
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    Does anyone hand wash their cars anymore?

    Well up here in the Pacific Northwest, the land of constant drizzle...I feel your pain
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    Sludge and Oil Pressure

    Again not to be rude...But often times you don't make any sense...You seem to not be able to afford to fix this issue. Instead of worrying about sludge, and constantly posting your oil pressure, perhaps you need to worry about how your going to pay, for the inevitable expensive repair on this...
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    Sludge and Oil Pressure

    So you haven't fixed the alternator, but the battery is charging? Or is the battery out of the car, on a charger? Don't mean to be rude, but please make a little more sense.
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    Sludge and Oil Pressure

    Have you got the alternator issue fixed yet?
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    What are your favorite Diff and Trans fluids...

    Give me Redline for the transmission and differential.
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    Half a Quart to One Quart Overfull

    Good god man!! Your a 1/2 to 1 Qt. overfilled? Obviously you care nothing about your fellow man. When that things blows, and it will, we are talking utter devastation, in an area the size of a city block. That thing is a time bomb waiting to go off,