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    Post your latest oil change

    94 mercury cougar 4.6 Only 150k on it, car actually had a little pep to it Out: (sticker) 5w30 Castrol and Castrol filter almost 5qts In: almost 5qts 5w30 traveler synthetic and fram orange
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    Post your latest oil change

    Did a CRX today in near perfect condition 500k on the body, unsure on motor, owner just wants it changed every 6 months Out: 3.5ish of 5w20?? According to windshield tag and orange fram In went a little under 4 qts 10w30 Amazon basics and fram
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    Post your latest oil change

    91 Miata Out 3 qts (has oil leak) 5w30 super tech conv w/ Fram 4k oci In 3.5 ish 10w40 conv Amazon basics w/ Fram, plan on another 3-4k oci Car has over 350k on it and runs solid.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2006 crossfire srt6 (what a fun car) 8+ qts out of whatever was in (local shop changed it) In: 8.5 Valvoline euro 5w40 Mann oil filter (this was supplied) Also replaced engine & cabin air filters with some eBay no name brand that was supplied, but actually fit spot on. They asked if I wanted...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2012 Silverado 5.3 with 160k on body 40k on replaced motor Out: 6 qts 5w30(no idea) and AC Delco filte In: 6qt 5w30 napa brand + KN filter Had to screwdriver off the old filter, I didn't have a cap that fit the filter and no room for my adjustable to grab it, whichever engineer placed that...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Sorento 3.5 126xxx Out: 5w30 mag1 synthetic & beck arnley filter 12k OCI (roughly 16 months, alot longer then I wanted) In: VegaLube 5w30 synthetic & Beck arnley Will be about 7500k oci 2019 Sorento 2.4 22xxx Out: no idea and OEM filter 4k OCI but wanted to put synthetic in In: 5w20...
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    Online Tire purchase - installation?

    I always buy my tires on ebay and have them installed at tires plus or firestone. Believe it's 12each. Local shop right up the road is 24 each so it's worth the 10 minute drive.
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    DOCSIS 3.1 and Gbit speeds.

    May I ask what you do/ why you need or desire a speed that high? Just curious. I have comcast 25mb plan and that's probably to much for me by myself lol
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    Is middle class really at least 6 figures?

    In my town I dont know what the average income in but if you bring home 35ish you'll live pretty good
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    23andme Report

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Donald</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Do they tell you about health markers such as a gene for altizheimers? (As an example). </div></div> Yes they do. But not that specific one. I did 23and me over Christmas and...
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    '01 SUBURBAN 5.3 WINTER OIL ???

    5W or 10w30 will work. As you said doesn't get chicago cold in Oklahoma so no reason to dump the 10w30
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    Favorite cheap tire brand?

    If their strictly for test purposes ebay has all kinds of cheap Chinese brands. I look daily just when I'm bored and there's tons and tons of cheapo tires
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    What is your favorite vehicle parts store?

    Aap strictly for discount codes. But I always look online and if another store is cheaper even with the AAP code ill go there. I don't discriminate. Their all right next to each other. But I prefer ebay or Amazon
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    Joined the cordcutters

    I will be doing it in a few months when I move to an apartment. I have 75mb internet and so many channels I don't watch for 130 I think right now. I learned I don't need 75mb internet , and I don't want more then maybe 10 channels. I have a ps4 already so I'll prob get Vue and keep netflix. Then...
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    confy work clothes?

    On a serious note For everyday use : kings and jax boxer briefs For work: puma boxer briefs
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    confy work clothes?

    My work clothes are 'jerzee' brand. Shirts are decent but the hoodies are amazing. True to size too imo.
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    confy work clothes?

    About 6 years ago I bought a memory foam pillow from bed bath beyond when they were still expensive. Mine was $90. Best pillow ever. Still as good as day 1. If I travel it goes with me. Its a 'contracter' brand I believe. Perfect for me as a side sleeper
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    bed + mattress ?

    I need a firm mattress. Once I 'sink' in , I'm not getting up lol. To much wear and tear on my back over the days. I have a 'zinus' platform bed from Amazon was about $130 I believe. Then i have a slumber 1 SPRING mattress from walmart (same company as zinus) so no box spring or foundation as...
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    xfinity phone plans

    Do you need the 20gb of data? If you have wifi at home I would say its overkill, since you can use wifi there. 45$ is right in the ballpark for unlimited everything for prepaid plans. Does their cell phones require a contract?
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    Anyone following IRMA?

    I'm right in line for it on Monday. We should start the storming on Friday or Saturday though. Got the generator oil done and some pop tarts and water im good lol