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    Divorcing Mobil 1

    Ive never used 0w40 cause my cars are not specd for it. People talking about race teams using 5w30 mobil 1 is true. Though the oil is a race oil with different packaging. Actually stated racing or race on bottle. I cannot say that off the shelf oil from mobil 1 will fail anywhere but in this...
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    mazda edge ti professional questions

    How much different is gold bottle edge on shelf compared to gold bottle Castro edge sold at Mazda dealers? Edge professional.
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    belgium castrol, is this replacing GC?

    Want to use Castro 0w30. GC has been gone from the shelves in my area for awhile. New black bottle edge from Belgium is what replaced it. Thanks.
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    Using oil in newer fords.

    M v4. Its not my choice its recommended by ford.
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    Using oil in newer fords.

    Never happened with Sm oils. I plan on using 5w30 and see.
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    Using oil in newer fords.

    I have a 2010 fusion 3.0 v6 and a 2013 mustang v6. Both need a quart at around 5 thousand regardless of oil used. Have used edge ti , m1 ep, and pop all in 5w20 in the fusion. Used ultra, black bottle edge, and currently vsp in the stang, all in 5w20. I know engines can use some oil but I...
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    opinions on synpower 0w20 and 5w20?

    I've run ultra in this 3.7 engine but it burnt off/used about a quart in 5 grand. So far on 2 runs the edge black bottle has not.
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    opinions on synpower 0w20 and 5w20?

    I can change the filter from motorcraft to a dealer fomoco yes. Thank you for the spec sheet.
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    opinions on synpower 0w20 and 5w20?

    Been using black bottle edge 5w20 in my 13 mustang v6. There is an overnight cold start noise that bugs me but may be no big deal. Using motorcraft fl500s oil filter. Thinking bout going and trying valvoline 5w20 or even 0w20.
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    Edge gold bottle no longer at wallmart?

    Been to all the wallmarts in my area looking for new gold bottle castrol edge ep. None even carried old gold bottled edge fst. Amlst all have the new black edge syntec jugs though. I thought pennzoil ultra was being fazed out at wallmart! That stuff is everywhere!
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    Castrol Syntec 5w30 10,223 124,237

    Black bottle or gold bottle ers?
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    Mazda castrol edge fst oe professional questions

    Is the mazda dealer sold castrol edge fst gold bottle different than store bought edge fst? I have a 2013 mustang v6 that uses some oil with ultra 5w20. About a quart in 5 thousand. Ive yet to use store bought fst 5w20 but in my wifes fusion v6 it does the same. Im using 5w20 edge syntec...
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    Bought EDGE with SPT. How to read barcode?

    Really guys i get a nevermind? Just looking for date of production. Spoke to a castrol rep at COTA australian v8 supercar race and was told they have made improvements recently to their american oils.
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    Bought EDGE with SPT. How to read barcode?

    Just a for my info thing. How do you read castrols barcodes on edge bottles? 1 quart bottle is A1310820759 H2. 5qt bottle isA1304931340 H2. Thanks
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    Castrol's new commercial

    You guys are sumpin else! It's marketing. Commercial! We live in the USA. This is how you market things! Also people gotta get over the Castro true synthetic [censored]! Everything is hydro cracked now! Who gives a poop?
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    Post your latest oil change

    2010 ford fusion 3.0 v6 5w20 Pennzoil platinum fl500s filter Out 5w20 ultra
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    Fords using oil. Q's and recommendations

    No red line. Going with PU or staying with EDGE FST for fusion in either 5w20 or 5w30.
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    castrol edge cleaning power

    I would believe its just as good as any of them. People bash castrol for their marketing and love pennzoil for their marketing. Weird!