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    Scrapple, and livermush

    Rapa scrapple my favorite. Scrapple festival every fall in Bridgeville, De., rapa plant on site.
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    What is the first album/tape/CD you ever purchased?

    1974, both at the same time, Black Sabbath Masters of Reality, Led Zeppelin 111.
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    RV's . give me the good and bad of owning one

    I have a 32' travel trailer and we have a seasonal lot near Cape Henlopen, Delaware, (Milton). Cost $2200.00 a year. We pay electric, $30.00- $40.00 a month, 7 months a year. Insurance about $180.00 a year. During summer we're at the beach every weekend, Thursday to Sunday, having surf tags we...
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    XM Sirius

    Since 2009, $25.00- $30.00 every 6 months. call to cancel,and renew with no problems. My fm stations are now like the am stations back in the 70's. Enjoy my classic rock stations.
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    Vinyl Records: Rock n Roll

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=aK8a8fykNcs</a>
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    Anyone running Continental Terraincontact A/T

    Purchased 4 for my 07 titan last 5-30-18 thru DT, received $220.00 in rebates, Memorial Day weekend sale. I have no complaints, they handle well in snow, and heavy rain. Can't answer about 4 wheeling in the mud. Very good tire, my opinion.
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    Type A ATF, best alternative?

    I have a 96 travel trailer, (fleetwood prowler), had to replace a bad line on the pump for the slide out, manual said's use type A ATF. No longer available for years. Mercon or dextron good enough?
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    WaWa opening a few stores around here (never heard of them)

    Wawa's seem to everywhere in Delaware, like every mile or so apart, I use BP gas. Royal Farms are starting to build up in Northern Delaware now, excellent chicken.
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    Proper way to fill my transmission with fluid, advice needed.

    At first, 1 gal,,ran truck then thru gears, check dip stick, place 1 more gal. Then ran truck and thru gears, then drove lighty before hitting highway. Returned and check, estimated about 1 qt. maybe more. Turn out I removed 2 qts. Truck holds 11 and 1/4 qts from what I understand, it needed 6...
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    Proper way to fill my transmission with fluid, advice needed.

    The fluid I replaced was recently changed in November, every 2 years I change out fluid, 3 drain and fills during a 3 week period. Last 6 years I've done this. Many will say a waste, but I do it anyway. The fluid I lost was nearly new, fluid removed from pan was clean and red, no discolor...
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    Proper way to fill my transmission with fluid, advice needed.

    OK, all is fine. Drove the roads lightly, then the interstate. About 1 qt. over. will remove.
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    Proper way to fill my transmission with fluid, advice needed.

    Yesterday on the road my 07 titan blew a transmission lower cooler line. First I started to lose power then trannie started slipping, I pulled into a parking lot. A pool of fluid on the ground and steady shower of fluid, opened the hood, a big mess of trannie fluid. Had truck towed home. Found...
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    Mileage or Time?

    Twice a year, your car will appreciate it later in life.
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    need an advice on neighbor and dog issue, please

    The county I live in, dogs are not permitted to run wild, leash laws. People get sued for injuries or damage by their dogs, in my county anyway. Call animal control next time, get it hauled away.
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    re thinking Milk and your health

    Drinking milk for 62 years, no problems from milk. Drink 8-10 oz. daily.
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    CIA technology 50 years ahead of current technology

    Crazy,,watched Enemy of the State a few nights ago. At least a few years ahead.