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    NAPA lost me as a customer.

    Almost every Baldwin air & oil filter Ive used has been made here in the USA.
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    Diesel Ban? Germany

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Trav</div><div class="ubbcode-body">This has been going on for years, follow the money, once you know who is getting paid and who is paying it you have the real answer. </div></div>. There’s the correct answer
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    Dorman lug nuts

    I had one disintegrate when I used it to pull a stud through on a Caravan last year. Kinda made me think twice about using them.
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    AFE vs K&N

    I've held both brands in my hands, and the AFE always seem to be a superior product. The K&N filters have gone down in quality in the last few years, IMO. Not really ever looked closely enough to see about the pinholes though.
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    Walmart Oil for VW 1.8T?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Audi Junkie</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Are you sure it's A3? I can see it meeting A3, but iirc the label says A1. </div></div> Yea, I found it one day when hunting for a oil change and they were out of RTS. The...
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    Walmart Oil for VW 1.8T?

    I've been running Maxlife 10w40 in my VR6 since it's A3 rated and they were out of T6. I'll do a UOA this spring to see how it held up.
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    VAG 1.8T on ABA 2.0?

    You can use the large 1.8T filter with no issues on almost all VAG 4 cylinders. I've used them for years on ABA and 16V engines with no issues.
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    1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 Conv: sold for $230K

    Buddies 70 El Camino mild tubbed original big car. <img src="" alt="" /> <img...
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    might put 10-30 ultra in VW 1.8 turbo

    Try 10w30 HM M1, cheap and has done wonders in my last 2 Passat 30Vs. 1.8Ts are hard on oil, but the 10w30 HM is A3 rated for long drains and you should be ok with 3k-5k changes with a large filter.
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    Dog Owners: What brand dog food do you purchase?

    For over 10 years we've used Iams MiniChunks for both of our shih tzus. Neither one of them have ever had any health problems and still are active.
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    anybody make a 0w40 or 5w40 high mileage oil?

    I've been using M1 10w40 HM and believe it's one of the best sleeper oils on the market. Both of my Passats and all the BMWs I service have been using it with good results. Cheap too...
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    VW approved oil?

    The 2.0l "should" use VW 502.00 mainly if your going to take it out to the 10k drain intervals stated in the owners handbook. But if your doing 5k changes then almost any quality oil will do. It doesn't even really need to be synthetic if your not going past 5k. These engines are really...
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    BMW OEM vs Mann vs Mahle vs Hengst

    BMW oil filters come from Mann but without a box. <img src="" alt="" /> I have a personal preference for Hengst oil filters, the just seem to be a better made filter. <img...
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    Lubro-Moly 5W40 Group 4?

    It's such a pain to try to figure out what base stock these guys are using. But therein lies our love for oil and the reason we are all here. I do wish we could get the GRP 4 5w40, I'm going to see what I can find from one of our suppliers. But till then I'll stick with my $22 jug of 10w30 M1 HM
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    Hyundai Now Has a Recall

    Funny I just found this thread, see below for the carnage of a 2001 Elantra. Now this car has been in my family since new, and 99% trouble free, 1 axle seal was replaced during warranty. I have done every single oil change and brake job on this car since new. A few months ago my 16 year old...
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    Lubro-Moly 5W40 Group 4?

    I believe that any European company has to list the oils correctly on their sites. Lubro Moly lists "fully synthetic" <a href="" target="_blank"></a> & <a...
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    Performance Brake Pads

    Lately I've been using PBR Metal Master/ Axxis XPG pads with great results. Much less dust than Ultima Ceramics, and almost as much bit as the HPS pads I used to run. The weight of the car is the main factor to look at when trying to reduce braking distance. As the heavier the car the more...
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    Transmission Oil Advice for ZF 6speed Automatic.

    I have had fantastic results with Redline D4 in both BMW & VW Audi ZF boxes. Seamless shifts seem to be a common result of using it in any ZF transmission. I think it is well worth the extra money.
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    Greetings from my new job

    I had to google it to make sure.... <a href="" target="_blank">click me</a>
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    Audi S4 4.2L V8 - Lubro Moly vs Amsoil

    Lubro & Liqui Moly oils have done well in all the applications I've used them in. The Long Time High 5w-30 is my oil of choice right now. <img src="" alt="" />