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    manual gear box oil?

    Wallmart proposes Mobil and Swepco in SAE 90 grade. Counting price, i'd buy Mobil
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    manual gear box oil?

    Sorry. Thinking about one thing, writing about another. U can grab Mag1 for example or find smth else near u
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    manual gear box oil?

    Are u sure about 90w? Cause SAE J306 doesn't know about such an oil, the highest- 85w. Read your manual carefully one more time
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    SJ Kendall GT-1 PDS/VOA?

    May be you believe in dexos1? 5-30&0-20 have it. And one more- there are many specific tests hide under these 2 letters- SN. So it'd be better to dig deeper and u will get some additional information on it. <img src="/forums/graemlins/cheers3.gif" alt="cheers" title="cheers" height="16"...
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    Best cleaning oils have high calcium?

    Mobil really do not use Na adds, it has Mg as an alternative option to weigh up an additive package in some of their oils. Not the best decision especially for gasoline engines, but still it's needed to reduce LSPI effect on last turbo engines. LM uses Na in some of their oils, for example, LM...
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    Amsoil 5w-30 XL; 1.7k miles; Nissan Titan 5.6L

    Think u can easily triple your 1730 on this fill
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    Best cleaning oils have high calcium?

    Nope. Calcium gives a higher TBN, ash and provides longer OCI, maybe 1-2%, but that's almost nothing. Ester based oils are known as cleansing. Regular HC oil even with high ppm of Ca and short OCI will not clean, especially one of the hottest zones- pistons and rings. The best way to cope with...
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    2007 4Runner 4.0L V6 oil thoughts?

    The only reason to pick a Xw-30 oil is that you're towing a trailer. 1gr runs good on Xw-20 without any criminal in UOA, especially in short town trips.
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    2016 Ford F 150 2.7 Ecoboost Oil Recommendations

    Danmark, you'd better set up a turbotimer to avoid any problems with your turbo. It's pretty hot thing, especially some points so keep in mind that it'd be better to run your engine 1 extra minute after you stopped. All these blends are mixed with high percents of group 2 base stocks, not the...
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    Russian Drivers

    There's one good russian proverb that explains what's goin on: Your optionality compensates the severity of law. It means that there's no cameras except really big cities, traffic police controls, really controls, quite petty km of roads especially interstates. Road infrastructure is very poor...
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    Oil Recommendation: Mercedes-Benz M119 DOHC V8

    You'd better choose 10-40 or 15-40. These oils are more relevant to your climate than 0-40 or 5-40. 10(15)-40 are more stable under high temperature conditions.
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    QSGB 5w-20 | 3k mi | 49K Civic '10

    Weak oil. Your engine is almost new, but there's alu-11, iron-8 and even copper. 30% of OCI is road trip. Of course, this engine usually gives alu and iron in UOA, but not that fast. Better choose smth else <img src="/forums/graemlins/21.gif" alt="shrug" title="shrug" height="15" width="37" />
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    Who blends Mercedes-Benz AMG 0W-40?

    Its got moly (about 150ppm) inside and Noack at 9,0. There's only one problem- CCS, this oil isnt a 0w, its some kind of 2,5w.
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    2014 F150 5.0 0w20 Quaker State Ultimate 8293km

    Your UOA looks good as for this car. Previous oil was with titanium package, im curious about manganese- where it comes from. For further- OCI=10k km on this oil
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    BMW certified 0w-20 list?

    If you want real 14FE certified oil you'd better search for BMW twin power or Mini 0-20 oils. I suppose that Volvo RBS0-2AE certified oil will also fit because all their engines are supercharged now. Your engine is hot so you can opt Xw-30 FE oil with low ash, it becomes Xw-20 at 105-100 C...
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    List of VOA's from Russian Oil Club

    Ester based oils are sport oriented because of high thermal stability and great adhesive properties. There is one more thing- price, it's far away from VHVI based oils. So there's no need in esters just for riding work-home. If there's smth interesting in those VOAs&UOAs, i can help u