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    A theory on "high mileage" oils.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: j_mac</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'm just asking questions and making assumtions. The reason I'm here is to find answers from people who "know" oil. My goal is to figure out what 5w-20 oil is the best oil...
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    popping the dying in old snowblower w/Briggs

    its the coil... sorry i did bring an yard broom alive full throttle at 6k yes 6k rpm 1961 briggs aluminum motor read it up on old briggs before digging in. the flywheel is tricky cuz u can break it in half and s.o.l. of 300 dollars if u can find 1
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    XENON/HID replacement bulbs

    dont buy anything from ebay for lights they are JUNK! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is the place to go the best!
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    SYLVANIA Ultra Vision : CR*P !!!

    out of all the bulbs u guys pull a line u are forgetting one thing... check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and they are the best!!!!!! out of all those [censored] bulbs
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    Oreck vacuums... everything they're claimed to be?

    check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a> saw it on tv....
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    Radial ball bearings domed with a collar NOS stock

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mechtech2</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If they were shooting at you and you had to get away, then I would recommend a quick fix. But this engine has to be dismantled and repaired. Sorry. </div></div> Its not in...
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    Radial ball bearings domed with a collar NOS stock

    I have some bearings that is STIFF from the oil in these dried out. They are for john deere snowmobile Trailfire 440 with 340 engine in it. PAST 6k miles LOL What is the best way to wake it up? motor oil soaker? and how long? ANY suggestion is nice and welcomed Thanks
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    Cavalier Engine RPM spreadsheet

    i would get a tach 40 bucks and its urs sun tach is 1 my saturn goes to 3k rpm at 60-65
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    Should I Continue Using LCD Products?

    when the last time u tuned it up such as spark plugs and wires? in terms of miles and most o2 sensors recommend interval replacement around 60-80k miles. Im told nothing last forever.....
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    Even the mighty Porsche DI succumbs to deposits

    To solve this for once and all, Make an oilcatch can and possibly use a pcv that has a stiffer spring or weaker whatever that minimize the open gap and open time. Cant do much with the egr... Another thing is the air filter and its air tube system. Is it low flowing and resrictive? I would K+N...
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    Noisy lifters argh

    pennzoil filter is what im been using. tried others. Fram is the worse one cuz the oil get DARK fast 300 miles or so dropped new filter and oil is much better. thinking of syths, which syth do u want me to try? try keep the price down. im tight on money lately...
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    The Need for Fuel System Cleaners

    Can some1 ask the gas station what in the gas such as additives and whatnots etc.......
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    Noisy lifters argh

    This is an saturn s series with noisy lifters. Im been using pennzoil yellow bottle for 2ish yrs now and still doing it. 5w30 and sometimes 10w30...... what gives?
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    Cam break in oil for 305 chevy

    What is the cam pn and etc? have a 305 camaro 1990... real torquey...
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    Canola as bar lube

    Canola oil? for chain saw bars and chains? lemme see the post plz. got a 1950ish stihl AL monster saw. Heavy basterd and WILL wear u out fast! Good thought but idunno if thats a good idea...
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    PP 5W-20 or Pennzoil Dino 5W-20?

    what does the penn dino bottle look like? im not using synth in my saturn SL2
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    Rock bottom temp you would run a conventional oil

    my sis saturn stick has close to 190k and 5w-30 all yr round... without any issues. Just let the engine run abit before taking off after start up. For ex, startup and brush snow/ice off then enter car to put seatbelt on. Ur ready to go by then. i run 10w-30 every oci Mobil 1 that is w/o any...
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    The Gas Secret (additive) Ethos FR

    sounds good to me. why not u be the guinea test pig for bitog approval system? it take alot of work and money to get epa logo on the bottle.
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    Gas gadget

    There is something better than that junk. Its on bright enterprise inc. This man got out of the oil industry long ago due to company greed and among others reasons. Say the word acetone to some of the companies and foul mouths run all day.... Why dont the 1930's car had pretty good...
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    Post pictures of your car's engine compartment

    no what pg its on? dang prolly miss it.