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    A car that sat alot help...

    The dealer stated he just did a few changes with new fluid, and put synthetic fluid into it. He was going to put some Lucas in when I bought it, but I asked him not to.
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    A car that sat alot help...

    I just bought a 1998 Hyundai Elantra with 39000 miles. The dealer bought the vehicle, which shifted poorly, and then made numerous ATF flushes to help re-wet the seals, and also installed new generators. It helped the alot, but he stated there still is a hard shift from 1st to 2nd when cold, but...
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    How Many Times Can a Car Be Overheated?

    You have been extremely lucky. If you have the DOHC that is your saving grace. The heads for the SOHC are known to crack in the first overheat. My daughter just did that to hers. It had oil in the coolant. I had to replace the head.
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    temperature issues??

    Thanks for the ideas. He called me today saying that he hears water moving around under the dash. He is thinking about putting in a new radiator(coolant is rusty looking) so I will drain and refill then. I had never seen a a needle move 30 degrees like that.
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    temperature issues??

    A friend has a 1994 Chevy S10 with the 4.3 V6 TBI. The thermostat was staying around 160 and he had no heat, so I changed the thermostat. He has heat now, but the gauge needle will go up to 195, the stat opens, and the needle dives to 160. What would cause this behavior? For the temp to change...
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    Where Do You Draw The Line?

    My daughter is driving a 1995 Saturn SC1 with 166,000 miles on it. She cannot afford a payment(college student), I cannot either, so this vehicle will keep going. Still cheaper to maintain than to have a monthly payment plus higher insurance.
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    OIL pressure switch

    Usually right above the filter on the side of the housing.
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    M1 ATF in a GM PS unit

    What does the manual call for? If it calls for power steering fluid, use power steering fluid.
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    Hard Drive and World of Warcraft ?

    I will see what the laptop can handle in RAM and upgrade. Thanks
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    Internet Speed Check-In

    speedtest At home.
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    Hard Drive and World of Warcraft ?

    Would playing World of Warcraft on a laptop for hours at a time stress the hard drive? I ask because my daughters hard drive started struggling since she started playing the game, and now it is toast, and needs replaced.
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    Seeping oil from this sensor. Photos inside.

    Yes, that should be the camshaft position sensor.
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    Rattly/loose suspension + brakes

    Check your front struts. Probably due for an upgrade anyway.
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    Hand Held "Tuners" effect on UOA??

    Depending on the tune, you may be running higher RPM,s between shifts, creating the severe driving condition. It would definitely alter the oil life.
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    Cleaning and Adjusting Rear Drum Brakes

    You really should not have to do much. Take off the drums, inspect the wheel cylinders for moisture/leaks, clean off with a brake cleaner, a adjust the fit of the drums. Like was stated before, drum brakes have self adjusters, and by backing up and making complete stops completes the task. To...
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    One crazy Goose

    Kudos to the guy, he was awfully nice to that goose.
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    O2 sensor....

    Not sure which engine you have, but for the 5.3 you would need a NTK 21546, summit has them for $69.69 <a href="" target="_blank">NTK O2 sensor for 5.3</a> for the 4.8 it is NTK...
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    O2 sensor....

    o2 sensors can operate in a tired(lazy) mode and not throw a code. My vehicle was feeling sluggish with no other option that stuck out. I replaced the o2 sensor and the vehicle runs normal now. I like NGK plugs and sensors for my GM vehicles. The o2 sensors are are NGK but boxed as NTK.
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    2nd sending unit for oil pressure

    I just don't like the look of the scangauges. I plan on building these gauges into the dash. If it works, it should look really cool.I came up with the plan for the temp gauge. The top hose from the radiator to the ending is short and right in front. I will splice a pipe with a bung to accept...
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    2nd sending unit for oil pressure

    Ok, I emailed VDO, and received a response. He basically said my options for the oil pressure are a "T" adapter with the stock and aftermarket unit on either side, or to find another spot on the engine that would be useable to put in a new sender. For water, the sender needs to be in the water...