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    Drive type, does it matter?

    Thanks. That's a welcome response compared to my last thread! LoL All good advice, hopefully the MSF basic course is a requirement for a license in the OP's state. I just wouldn't get too hung up on the exact CC's. For example, Honda's current 600cc four is faster than its 650cc four, and both...
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    Chineese motorcycles

    I have a fair amount of experience fixing Tao Tao ATV's and no-name pit bikes, from the larger 125cc clones to the little 2-strokes. Here's what I have to say. The Chinese have no concept of making a complete line of parts, with part numbers, revision histories, parts break-out diagrams, and...
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    Drive type, does it matter?

    You like the Shadow, but you're also recognizing that you're a beginner. That's great. I'm in the camp, get a first bike that can at least cruise home on the (late evening, light traffic) highway after a day on the scenic back roads. Some late model 250's and 300's can certainly do that, if your...
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    Decent air inflator

    Four years since my last reply, and I'm still rocking the Viair 88P I bought back in 2013.
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    Toyota Camry 2.5-liter Dynamic Force 4-cylinder VS. Honda 1.5L Turbo

    We've been car shopping lately... there are NO great decisions in today's market. Manufacturers have concentrated there limited production ability (chip shortage) on high-end cars. A huge deficit of lease trade-ins over the past 2 years have created a tight used car market, even before...
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    Can you help me better understand why women want a SUV over a sedan?

    My daughter is shopping for her second vehicle, the first car that she will pay for herself. Compact to Mid SUV is at the top of the list because she can buy furniture and other large things and put it in the back, but still have 4+ seats for friends for road trips. She is coming from my Corolla...
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    Raybestos Element 3 Premium Brake Components?

    "Clean" does not mean true. I've cleaned hubs and had to debug why the rotors kept going on crooked. If you don't know your runout measurements, you will never know for sure.
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    Do you have a go to rotor/pads combo you like?

    In descending order of cost: OEM NAPA Ultra Premium rotors and Adaptive One Raybestos Element3 rotors and pads I have had excellent service from all of these. The finest parts in the world won't save you from "warped rotors" and there's a bit of grit, flashing, or peening on the hub, and you...
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    Raybestos Element 3 Premium Brake Components?

    I did exactly one front brake job on my very similar Honda Pilot. My dial indicator said both rotors were way out of true; on one side it was dirt on the hub face. On the other side I had to file down some proud metal left by removing the screw in the old rotor. If I had left them mounted...
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    Can a motorcycle tire be repaired?

    There are a lot of similarities between this thread and my BE CAREFUL thread... it seems there is a broad spectrum of risk assessment and acceptance here at BITOG.
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    "Be Careful"

    Ooooh look "I know somebody that..." anecdotes. I guess I forgot to list that in the original post. That's gotta be more irritating then the BE CAREFUL. I know multiple people that died in car accidents. In college I knew a guy who spent almost 1 year in a coma and 2 years in rehab after being...
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    "Be Careful"

    "Don't be upset that people are concerned." OK, that's a good sentiment. I am concerned when people are manipulative, though.
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    "Be Careful"

    "And is the reward worth the risk to family?" Well... yeah. That's the attitude I'm talking about. We will all age-out at some point. As I'm getting older, I'm getting in better shape then I've been for years, and frankly, if I kick off now they're in better shape then if I did in my 30's...
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    "Be Careful"

    OK, does anyone else start to resent the "be careful" getting thrown at you every time the motorcycle topic comes up? It's gotten worse lately, as an acquaintance in our circle of friends wiped out on his hog and got a concussion... then died. He rode with jeans, bare arms and a barely-there...
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    Time for the first 70° ride of the year.

    A mild winter and a newly mostly-restored bike coming online had me riding all Winter. But I still appreciate the warm days coming more often!
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    Best looking motorcycle I've seen in a while. BMW

    Maybe I'm odd too, but I don't think swapping a front fairing for a round LED headlight on an alien-erector-set-bug-bike even qualifies for "retro", but obviously some marketers think it does.
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    Does a magnetic drain plug make more sense on a scooter?

    Because not all oil flows close enough to the magnet.
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    Cardo intercom pairing issue.

    Reading this thread, I'm feeling better about the cheap Lexin's we've been using. At least if I have to put up with a crazy, inconsistently documented user interface, I'm not paying as much as the "brand names" to do so. It doesn't help that the company keeps putting out different instructions...
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    Low Profile Impact Sockets

    I have that exact set for over a year IIRC... really useful, when needed.
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    Drawing the line between 3/8" and 1/2" sockets

    I may be guilty too, but I don't FEEL guilty. Too many times I've swapped ratchets and sockets to get "just the right" combination of reach and clearance. Within a minute, the job continues. Too many times a 1/4 socket drive suddenly is missing, but I have it in 3/8, and/or in impact, or midi...