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    Interesting FCP Euro statement on BMW 0w-20

    Because, like the OP said, the oil specifications are based on EPA and CAFE requirements, not engine requirements.
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    Midas put a generic synthetic 5W30 on 16 VW Jetta 1.4

    I used to manage a major tire store many years ago and I remember that Midas had the biggest up-sale numbers in the market. I had my Jeep Cherokee in to Midas for a muffler replacement when I noticed a young woman with the same model Jeep as mine. She was being sold a brake job and they were...
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    VW Factory oil, early oil change?

    It wasn't the engineers that recommend the 10k OCI, it was the sales department.
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    Did Dealer use 0-30 instead of specified 0-20 (508) ?

    Shhhhhhhh..... He's busy drinking the Cool Aid...
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    VW Tiguan 2.0 Tdi 4motion 2021

    I changed out the original fill at 1000 miles just to get the debris out of the engine. Refilled with 504. The first thing I noticed was the engine was a lot quieter. It stopped sounding like a sewing machine.
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    VW Tiguan 2.0 Tdi 4motion 2021

    If I can ask, how many miles do you have on the Tiguan using the 504? I'm in the same boat. It would seem that if it were a problem, then there would be a trail of broken B cycle engines for the naysayers to point to.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Ok, I stand corrected. However, it was a well known oil producer that states "May not provide adequate protection" when referring to use in engines not made to use 508 and the last sentence makes my case (not backwards compatible and can be used only in specially approved engines (no...
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Volkswagon is not the one who says Not Backward Comparable. It's the oil producers that make that caveat. They Do care about what engine you uses their products in.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Not backwards compatible has nothing to do with VW502 or VW504. It means it can't be used in place of an earlier 0W20 spec oil.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    This isn not what "Not backwards compatible " means. The 0W-20 VW508 will not replace 0W20 oil specified for another engine. If You're running a Ford 5.4L V8 specifying a 0W20 oil, you can not replace it with the VW508 because it in not backwards compatable.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    The VW 508 oils are not backward compatible. In the words of one well known oil producer "May not provide adequate protection in engins not specifying VW 504". This in itself makes me question the superiority of this wonder lubricant.
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    0w20 VW oil observation......2019 GLI - oil temp

    Should be 208 deg f and the second uphill run was at the end of a 50 mile trip.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Don't listen to what they say. Watch what they do.
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    0w20 VW oil observation......2019 GLI - oil temp

    I was driving a long downhill 5 mile section of freeway at 55 MPH and an outside temp of 59 deg. f and an oil temp of 226 deg. A week later, coming back up the same section of freeway in the other direction at 60 MPH and an outside temp of 65 deg. the oil was sitting at 108 deg. Uphill...
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    VW 508 Spec-0w20

    VW lowered their warranty from 7 years to 4 years 50,000 miles. Apparently they don't think the engine will last on VW508...
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    VW has dropped their 7 year warranty to 4 years or 50,000 miles... Maybe they don't have a lot of faith in engine longevity using 0W 20...
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    High oil temps

    You don't need AWD, you need a couple of pontoons and a big propeller in the rear... :ROFLMAO:
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    0w20 VW oil observation......2019 GLI - oil temp

    Your coolant is regulated by a thermostat so it's held in the engine block until it's reached 180/190 deg. The oil on the other hand is free flowing and takes longer to reach full temperature.
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    Brand new VW Jetta GLI 2.0 Turbo..oil - Confusion Abounds

    If the VW 508 is better than the older spec oil, why isn't it backwards compatible? Is it going to lunch the older engine? Special oil for a special low power engine?