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    who loves their FRAM filter

    Their extended guard and racing products are fine. I have learned to stop buying low end filters from any mfg; just not worth it.
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    Bye Bye SAAB :(

    If you have a Saab, I hope you leased it; if you think their resale was bad before, it will be even worse now. Btw, where will people take their leased Saabs back to return? If there are no dealers and GM isn't behind them, seems like a bank will end up with the cars.
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    Oil change - do you remove oil pan?

    This question can't be serious. Yes, and I pull out the pistons and wipe them down too!
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    Transmission Filter recommendation needed

    A/C Delco or Wix; both are high quality.
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    Mobil1 price increase at Walmart

    Oil is way up to over 100 a barrel. Inflation is up as well, so consumer oil prices have to go up, synthetic and regular. Oddly gas is down, but this is supposedly due to our weak economy and weak demand.
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    Picked up another kinda rare oil

    Fram is selling oil under their own name???
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    Bought a 2011 Corolla, new.

    Electric power steering is here to stay because it gives you better mpg and less to go wrong (no hydraulics). It won't overheat in slalom conditions or whine when turned full lock and hopefully will last longer with little maintenance.
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    K&N Pro Series Oil Filters

    Yes-the gold textured can. Sorry if I got the name wrong
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    '67 Squire Wagon, '85 Caprice Wagon

    Pinto, Vega, Gremlin, Hornet, Dart, Duster, Pacer, Nova, etc.; as time goes on there are less of them around and value will go up. People always have fond memories of their old cars. There are maybe a few exceptions; the GM X cars and the Plymouth Volare and Dodge Aspen were just terrible...
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    2 Guys Garage ( 10-30 04-08 F150 )

    Hey that ZMax crud is promoted by Carroll Shelby too; we all know how honest a guy he his!
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    What do you do with your old oil?

    I take the dirty oil (and the dirty oil filters) to the dealer where I work and dump it into their dirty oil drain containers in the shop. Dealers should promote this as a free service; it's good pr and might bring them some additional business. Dealers and service shops should be taking ALL...
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    K&N Pro Series Oil Filters

    Funny, I use to keep a stash of filters, but I only use two or three per year per car. I like to change brands for some reason; K & N, Wix and Mobil 1 mostly. Plan to try a Purolator Gold next time around.
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    '67 Squire Wagon, '85 Caprice Wagon

    All of these cars are fun and interesting to own today, but if you believe they are even vagely safe as modern cars, your only fooling yourself. This includes ALL classics, muscle cars, etc. Resto mods are a different story... And air pollution? Put a bunch of old cars in a building and even...
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    '67 Squire Wagon, '85 Caprice Wagon

    Ah the good old days of big wagons; no handling, brakes, lots of rattles, weak a/c, sloppy steering, non supportive seats and little real crash safety!
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    fuel injection cleaning...BG vs Wynns?

    If you use a reputable brand of injector cleaner ever so often (like at each oil change) you shouldn't have injector problems. If you do have problems (sluggish performance, what feels like missing), the over the counter products seem to work just fine, imo.
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    street racing is for morons!!!

    Even more moronic is driving a car that is capable of incredible speed and handling and never getting to really drive it or knowing how to drive it. Most Porsche, Corvette, Ford GT, Ferrari, Viper, Lambo, Bugatti, Mclaren (sp) and whole bunch more fall into this category.
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    Automatic transmission dipsticks disappearing

    Other than a cheap interior it has been quite reliable. Of course, if you don't take care of the car it would likely be a mess. It's ten years old, no rattles, solid and basically feels almost like new.
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    Has anyone else seen this?

    Wal Mart is selling (according to the lable I saw on the plastic bottle) NON detergent motor oil for PRE 1930 vehicles. It's the lowest rating possible: A (we are at M or N now, correct?) I assume this is for all of the model T owners out there. Is more modern oil bad for those engines?
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    Automatic transmission dipsticks disappearing

    Cant recall what kind of GM automatic transmission my 2001 Saturn LW300 uses, but it has no dipstick. The transmission is serviced normally; you just add the fluid through a threaded on fill cap. The amount you pour in is indicated in service literature. Nothin compares with the lack of OIL...
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    Just installed my first Royal Purple filter!

    The $10 deal on K & N's that I saw was great. Unfortuately, they (Pep Boys in this case) never have the ones in stock that my vehicles take, so I usually get a Mobil 1 or Wix. Im also starting to use Purolator Gold filters. Im impressed with their cartridge filter I just got for one of my...