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    GM 3.9L Oil Capacity

    I've acquired a 2010 Buick Lucerne with 34000 miles on it. Great ride. But can someone explain how or why they designed this engine to only take 4 quarts of oil? Really? That just doesn't seem like much especially if you are following the oil life monitor which can sometimes extend drain...
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    Worn CV Shaft

    Can a worn CV shaft cause vibration felt in the floor? When I get up to 70 MPH it becomes noticeable and just a little more pronounced at 75 and up. I've had the tires and wheels checked and they are all fine.
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    Brand new Tires / 98 Olds 88

    I just got brand new Firestone Fuel Fighters on my moldsmobile. Before I had them put on I noticed a slight vibration at 70-75 MPH. Had it inspected before new tires and they found 2 bend rims. I buy two used rims (steel wheels), shop inspects them, they are fine. They install 4 new tires...
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    New Firestone Champion Fuel Fighters

    I just installed a new set of these tires on my 98 Olds. Also had it aligned. And what I'm noticing is the same with the old tires. When I get to 75-80 mph I feel ever so slight vibration but the steering wheel isn't shaking at all. My concern is am I wearing out these new tires fast are...
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    98 Old 88 - Flush or Drain ATF?

    I bought this car used a year and a half ago used with 147,000 miles. It was a one owner and the guy took really good care of it. The ATF still looks clean today. I guess I have a couple questions. If it's still clean should I mess with it? I dont know when it was last changed. And when I...
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    New Steering Rack with tie sound

    Just had a new steering rack replaced which comes with the tie rod ends in my 98 Olds 88. After getting it back a couple weeks ago I been hearing a loud click when going into reverse or drive. Or drive from reverse. It does this while my foot is on the brake and it does not make any noise...
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    Oil Life Monitor question

    The OLM for my 2017 Pacifica states that it measures short trips and temps. Does it take into account how much moisture could be getting in the oil over a winter? I changed it last fall and it's only at 50%. After a full winter I tend to want to get that oil out of the crank case. Give that...
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    Is Unbranded Fuel ok for my Pacifica?

    So I live in a town of over 100,000 ppl. So [censored] because all the top tier gas stations are gone now. Circle K took all of them over and sell their own branded gas. My owners manual specifically states to use top tier gas. Will the minimum EPA requirement of unbranded gas keep its fuel...
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    2001 Nissan Sentra / trans issue?

    I'm posting this here praying to God this isnt tranmission related. A week ago i had the ATF drained and replaced. All was good. Car even went to Chicago and problem. All of a sudden, yesterday its started hesitating really bad upon acceleration and I have to give it a lot more gas...
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    98 Olds 88 V6 3800...steering wheel issue

    So when I turn right I hear and feel a pop in the steering column. Usually when I turn right. Sometimes I hear it when I turn left. My mechanic said there is a boot in there that could be torn. Is this an issue that needs immediate attention? Is what my mechanic suggested likely what the...
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    01 Nissan Sentra 2.0 AC issue

    I had my AC serviced a couple years ago due to a bad hose and it's been fine ever since and it gets really cold while driving it in town and short trips down the highway. But even before the AC repair and after during the 5 years I've owned it the AC always gets warmer while cruising on the...
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    High pitched squeal from new muffler

    As the title states. So I just got a brand new muffler. It was bolted on vs being welded on which Is fine from my understanding. So I just took it on an 90 mile trip...I get back into town and roll the windows down and this muffler is making a high pitched squeal or screech while I'm...
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    98 Olds 88 V6 3800

    This car has 155000 miles on it. Runs amazingly well. One question I do have about this engine is the clatter I hear from the engine when I accelerate. From past experience I dont think it is engine knock. Someone told me it is common on these GM engines. At highway speed its quiet. I...
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    AC cold and drivers side...warm on passenger side

    My son has a 1999 oldmosbole 88 with the V6 3800. Great running car. No only has 74000 miles on it. So as the title states, the AC blows cold out of the 2 drivers side vents but blows warm out of the 2 passenger side vents. I've never experience this before. Any ideas what...
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    Transmission Overfill

    Its 92 degrees so though I'd check my ATF after driving a while in town. With engine running it appears to be an inch full above where the arrow points to max level. I'm going to extract some. Should I do that with the engine running as well?
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    Engine Cover On or Off?

    I own a 98 Oldsmobile 88. Way back in the day there was a recall to replace the plastic valve covers due to warping and in the process they removed the engine cover and got rid of it claiming it trapped the heat and wasnt good doe the valve covers. Should I leave mine off also? At least in...
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    AC / Blower Motor function

    I have a question that might seem silly. I feel like maybe I should know this. Anyway, here goes. When I'm running the AC in my car on a hot humid day I always turn the blower motor on high so I can feel the cool air hitting me. But I notice that it doesn't seem to be as cold as it should...
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    Radiator Half Full

    Trying to be optimistic as to whether I should view the radiator as half full or half empty...LOL. So I noticed a small puddle the other day. Opened the hood and the reservoir was almost empty. After driving home form work the radiator cap was still cold. Thought that was odd. Opened...
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    Circle K frustrations

    I live in a college town of over 100,000 people. Our town was loaded with Circle Ks that were Mobil or BP. Now the only branded fuel in our town is Shell and you have to drive to the outskirts where the truck stop is located. It's a haul to get there. So all the Corcle Ks dumped the branded...
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    Question Regarding Air Pressure

    I have a 4 door car that requires 30 PSI cold tire pressure. I noticed the front tires were sagging a little so I checked them and the gauge read 38. I also tested it against 2 other gauges a d its accurate. If I lower the cold air pressure to 30 or even 32 those tires are going to be sagging...