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    New Havoline OIl Lineup Plus $5.00 Walmart MIR

    Sorry I saw the Walmart ad and posted before I left without reading the rebate itself. My bad. My main purpose was to show the new lineup including a few new oils.....
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    Post your latest oil change

    Middle Sons 2020 Ram 1500 Limited 5.7 Hemi w/eTorque 5W20 Havoline ProDS with Fram Ultra Oil Filter
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    Post your latest oil change

    Son In Laws 2017 F-150 3.5 ecoBoost 5W30 Royal Purple K&N Oil Filter
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    Napa Buy 3 Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaners @$17.99 ea. Get 3 Free

    ROYAL PURPLE MAX-CLEAN FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER Right now, buy three Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaners and get three for free when you buy online and pick up in-store or ship to home. USE CODE: ROYALREWARDS AT CHECKOUT
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    where in the USofA can you buy a Tokyo Roki filter

    Amazon has some but not sure for your application .eBay sellers have some. $18-$19.99
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    Goodyear Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers

    FDP Since 1969 FDP has been developing the industry’s safest, highest performing products - more than 500 million pads and counting, all of them designed and tested in the USA Today, FDP Friction Science is a global supplier of disc pads and brake shoes with nearly 400 employees, some of whom...
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    My order from the Walmart fiasco...

    Bottom line you hoped from the beginning to take advantage of a advertising error either getting the oil sent as advertised or more likely you were expecting what happened. You would get to keep the 30 qt's for free after getting a refund. 30 6 packs? LOL All that mumbo jumbo verbage....Nothing...
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    Tire Time

    I put Nankang SP-9 (50,000 mi) on my daughters Ford Escape. Almost 5,000 miles in Tremendous tire especially for the price. Great ride, quiet, handles well with no noticeable sidewall roll over...good stability. No rain yet..will not get any snow use. So far I would buy more. Replaced Michelin...
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    What gas mileage difference + or - have you seen after installing new tires?

    I was wondering what if any fuel mileage difference you have seen after installing new tires? What to look for when buying new tires for better fuel mileage? TIA
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    Post your latest oil change

    2020 Ram1500 Limited 5.7L ETorque In: 7 qt's ( 6 qt. Smart Change Box + 1 Qt.) Havoline ProDS Synthetic Oil w/Fram Ultra XG10060 Out: Factory Fill and Factory Installed Oil Filter
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    Will FoMoCo Kill off the Lincoln Brand?

    2020 Lincoln reviews Savagegeese Lincoln Corsair Lincoln Aviator
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    Mazda Skyactiv-X Not Coming To US?