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  1. mclasser

    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Hey guys, I've got this oily film on my windshield that's really apparent when running the wipers in the rain. I cleaned the glass with Stoner's glass cleaner and while this helped considerably, there's still some haze left. I'm thinking about trying an alcohol wipe down next to hopefully cut...
  2. mclasser

    Water hammer

    I've had water hammer at my house ever since moving in a few years back. I hear it when using my master bath toilet & tub upstairs and the washing machine directly below on the main floor. I don't hear it when using the kitchen faucet or any other bathroom in the house. What can I do about...
  3. mclasser

    Toilet shopping - regular vs pressure-assist

    While shopping for a new master bath toilet, I came across these newer pressure-assisted toilets. The fact that they use little water and mainly rely on pressure is interesting. But some questions: - Is pressure-assist really all that it's hyped up to be? - Reliability? Seems like there's more...
  4. mclasser

    Fridge problem

    I've got a refrigerator question for you folks. My 20 yr old Frigidaire double door gets cold on the freezer side, but is warm on the fridge side. I don't know much about fridges but I did some basic checks. I can hear the compressor running, coils underneath are clean, adjusting the temp dial...
  5. mclasser

    2020 Jeep Cherokee rental

    Rented a 2020 Cherokee Limited recently. It was my first time ever driving a Jeep vehicle. PROS: - Nice interior. Materials felt soft and well put together. - Amazing LED headlights. - Decent storage space. - UConnect system was responsive. - Smooth suspension. - Firm brake pedal with little...
  6. mclasser

    Lease swapping

    Anybody have experience taking over auto leases on sites like or I read around and some people criticized them for being shady about their full fees and for even putting up fake listings to bait people into paying signup fees.
  7. mclasser

    Rear A/C drain tube

    My Pilot has front & rear automatic climate control and I usually set the A/C to 70 AUTO for both to let the system do its thang. The front drain always drips but I had never seen the rear one drip. I was about to crawl under the car to see if the rear drain was clogged when I decided to first...
  8. mclasser

    LL Bean quality

    Despite living in the Northeast, I only ever ventured into an LL Bean store for the first time last year. I purchased a sweater but when I got home, I noticed a hole in the torso area. I was bummed out because it was a nice sweater and the last one in my size. I went back to return it and the...
  9. mclasser

    Grinding brakes when hot

    I did a front brake job on the Accord last summer. One caliper piston was a little difficult to push in but I didn't think much of it as it finally went in. Fast forward to a few weeks ago - I started hearing a grinding noise up front as I braked. It would happen after the brakes were warmed up...
  10. mclasser

    New apartments shoddy build quality

    My nephew moved into a newly-built apartment downtown. It's a really nice building and he's excited to be the first one living in it. We helped him move in and the first night there we encountered problems. First, there were plumbing issues. The main floor Kohler toilet wouldn't flush correctly...
  11. mclasser

    AAP Home Delivery

    Currently visiting family and my uncle's windshield wipers are so shot it was scary driving his car to dinner the other night. We ordered up some wiper blades thru AAP and noticed the free same day delivery option. Never used it before but the stuff is set to be delivered later on today via a...
  12. mclasser

    Alignment report

    What could be causing the yellow caster & red camber? <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/>
  13. mclasser

    Whoosh-whoosh noise after brake job

    My friend's 2014 Pilot had a rear brake job (rotors+pads) done at a shop. As soon as he left the parking lot, he started hearing this faint whoosh-whoosh noise. Since I have the same car, he asked me to drive it and sure enough, when you're coasting thru the neighborhood, there's a...
  14. mclasser

    Inside of new windshield fogs up

    My neighbor had the windshield replaced on his Highlander. Since then, the inside of the glass fogs up. We walked to his car after some rain storms and the windshield was all fogged up on the inside. Did the glass guy mess up the installation?
  15. mclasser

    OEM Honda wiper blade curvature

    I threw away the factory blades on my Pilot a long time ago but decided to repurchase a set from the dealer. Haven't installed them yet but I'm intrigued by the passenger blade, which has a decent curve to it. This must be to tightly hug the windshield but I'm wondering if the middle hinges...
  16. mclasser

    $99 fair for wheel balance & front alignment?

    Local shop has a "pothole special" running. Only adjustable point in the Elantra is the front toe (solid rear axle). Is $99 fair?
  17. mclasser

    2020 Ford Edge Rental

    I recently rented a 2020 Edge Titanium for a 500 mile road trip. I was pleasantly surprised by it and thought I'd share my findings: PROS: - Very easy to drive. I felt acclimated within a few minutes of being behind-the-wheel. - Pre-Collision Assist with Auto Braking saved our butt when some...
  18. mclasser

    Got a toilet question

    Toilet wasn't flushing correctly; turned out the old fill valve was leaking water out the top. Bought the same replacement part (Flushmaster 400A) and set the height & water fill level correctly as listed in the instructions. Toilet flushes great again but now once a day, it makes a running...
  19. mclasser

    Canceling GAP insurance

    At the time of purchasing my car, I had the dealer add GAP insurance to the monthly payments. The amount left on the loan is now less than the car's fair market value, so GAP is no longer needed. I dug up the purchasing paperwork and the GAP policy is handled by a 3rd party insurer. I looked...
  20. mclasser

    Automatic climate control acting wonky

    This is on my Pilot. I noticed something funny with my ACC this winter. I leave it on 73 AUTO and normally, it would blow hot and fast during the first few miles to warm up the cabin, then gradually slow down/increase as needed to maintain the 73 set point. That's the whole point of <span...